Dolphins Draft Prediction

The biggest intrigue surrounding the Dolphins' 2008 draft already has been resolved, but Miami still remains one of the most interesting things heading into the weekend. Who will be the pick at No. 32? Will Jason Taylor be traded? We provide the answers to those and other draft-related questions.

We'll start with the Jason Taylor situation, which has heated up again after it appeared to be simmering and maybe even disappearing.

Make no mistake about it, the Dolphins indeed are looking to trade Taylor and it would be a surprise at this point if he remained with the team after the weekend.

As far as what kind of trade we're anticipating, there are two very distinct scenarios.

One has the Dolphins trading Taylor straight up for a draft pick, at this point maybe a second-round choice, maybe as low as a third. Again, keep in mind that Taylor's age and hefty salary combine to bring down his trade value.

The second scenario has the Dolphins trading Taylor along with a draft pick to get themselves another first-round choice. For example, the Dolphins trade Taylor and their third-round pick for Jacksonville's No. 1 and a fifth. Or maybe it's Taylor and a fourth for just the Jaguars' No. 1. Or maybe the trade is done with Philly.

At this point, our best guess there has Taylor going to Jacksonville, and we think scenario No. 2 makes the most sense, so don't be surprised to see Taylor and a pick go to the Jaguars for that first-round pick, which the Dolphins then would use on Michigan QB Chad Henne.

Remember, they brought him in for a visit, and that wasn't for show.

Henne conceivably could be there at No. 32, but the scuttlebutt is there could be a run on the likes of Henne, Brian Brohm and Joe Flacco at the end of Round 1.

If that scenario unfolds and the Dolphins still have pick No. 32, look for the Dolphins to go big again, and Auburn defensive end/outside linebacker Quentin Groves would be a logical pick there if he's still on the board.

Another possibility there would be North Carolina defensive lineman Kentwan Balmer, who would bring the kind of bulk the team could use in a 3-4 defensive end.

With the other second-round pick, we would look for either a guard (say, USC's Chilo Rachal) or maybe a big tight end like Parcells like (maybe someone like Notre Dame's John Carlson).

Remember that Parcells likes big players, so even though there's clearly a need for a shut-down corner, it's not going to be a priority.

On the second day of the draft, here are a couple of guys we think could be of interest to the Dolphins:

LSU running back Jacob Hester: Yep, he's a total tweener, but he's also one hell of a football player and he makes things happen. He'll probably go somewhere around the fourth round.

Boston College safety Jamie Silva: He's got horrible measurables (slow, small), but he did nothing but make plays at BC. Parcells is the kind of guy who will go for production players, and Silva definitely is one of those. Because of his speed, though, Silva probably won't go until the sixth or seventh round.

Hampton defensive lineman Kendall Langford: He's got the size (6-5, 285) that's ideal for a 3-4 defensive end, and he's got some pass-rushing ability on top of that. If he's there with the first pick of the third round, the Dolphins better grab him because he won't be around in Round 4.

Tennessee tight end Brad Cottam: If the Dolphins don't grab Carlson in Round 2, the 6-foot-8 Cottam, whose senior season at Tennessee was ruined by injuries, would be awfully tempting in Round 3 or 4.

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