High on Henne

The Dolphins' decision to go big with the 32nd overall pick couldn't have worked out better in the end, with Chad Henne falling all the way to 57. That time, Miami wasn't going to pass up on him a second time. While some might argue against drafting a quarterback in the second round for the second consecutive year, this move certainly will help the Dolphins' odds of solving their QB situation.

It's actually sad the Dolphins had to waste a second-round pick this year after using one on John Beck in 2007, but what we saw from Beck in his rookie season gave no indication whatsoever that he could be the answer.

It's not impossible that he indeed will develop into a quality NFL quarterback, but there's clearly no guarantee after he looked overmatched last year. And the Dolphins simply were in no position to take that chance if they had a chance to address it.

Truth is, we would have had no major issue with the Dolphins taking Henne at No. 32 instead of Clemson defensive end Phillip Merling even though we really liked that move as well because Merling looks like such a good fit for a 3-4 defense.

But when Henne was available at 57, the Dolphins simply had no choice but to take him.

Draft a quarterback later, you say? Tom Brady was a sixth-round, yes, and Tony Romo was undrafted, true, but those are exceptions.

Henne was a four-year starter at Michigan, which in itself says a lot about him. No, he wasn't as good as many thought he should have been, but he also had his moments.

Anyone who saw his bowl game performance against Florida had to be impressed and thinking he could become a much better pro than Beck.

Because he also played at Michigan and his build is similar, there's just no way to look at Henne and not dream that he can become another Brady.

Yes, that's wishful thinking. But the Dolphins don't necessarily need another Tom Brady. They just need some dependable quarterbacking for the long haul.

Adding Brady simply improved the odds that it will finally happen.

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