Going Big Again

This perception that Bill Parcells likes big, physical players, it's sure proving true in this draft. Sure, the Dolphins did take quarterback Chad Henne with their second of two No. 2 picks, but the other three picks in the first three rounds all were spent on linemen, the last one going for defensive end Kendall Langford.

It's clearly Parcells' philosophy that winning up front is the foundation to a successful football team, and what the Dolphins have done so far this weekend is add big bodies to their roster.

Even the trade with Dallas Friday night brought two more physical players, a big tight end and an inside linebacker.

The Dolphins defensive line last year was built more on quickness, with undersized Jason Taylor and Matt Roth as the starting defensive ends.

This year's defensive line now has a nice collection of big bodies, with the additions of Jason Ferguson and Randy Starks, to go along with Langford and second-round pick Phillip Merling.

The truth is the Dolphins still could use a nose tackle to back up Ferguson because the only two linemen listed as defensive tackles on the roster are Starks, who probably would fit better as a 3-4 defensive end, and Steve Fifita, a 6-foot-, 312-pound player who really doesn't have the size for the position.

The Dolphins also are still in the market for another guard, so don't be surprised if they continue to go big as the draft progresses.

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