Murphy's Comments

Shawn Murphy spoke to members of the South Florida media via conference call shortly after being selected by the Dolphins in the fourth round of the 2008 draft. Here is a team-released transcript of Murphy's conference call.

On what it means to him that the Dolphins traded up to select him: "It's an honor to me to be drafted by any team, at any pick, let alone that they traded up to draft me. It's a great honor and it's also, I feel, a responsibility."

On who called him with the news of being drafted: "I talked to a few people. I talked to Coach (Tony) Sparano. I talked to the head scout. I talked to a few people."

On if the Dolphins told him what they saw in him: "The only thing they really said was they wanted me to come out and play the way they saw me play on film, which was a great compliment. They didn't mention any specifics. It was just the basics, along those lines of they liked the way I played and they wanted me to come out and try to play that way down in Miami."

On how his father, Dale Murphy, helped prepare him for playing professional sports: "He prepared all of his kids well, no matter what profession they enter. He's given me advice these last few months leading up to the chance of me becoming a professional athlete. He's been a great guide and a great mentor. He's always there. He's never forceful or pushed any of us in any direction, but he's always there. He's been a great comfort and a great help these last few months."

On what advice his father has given him leading up to the draft: "The main thing he would always talk to me about was just to do everything that was within my power to do and to let the things that are out of my control take care of themselves. It's not worth worrying about stuff you can't control and that you have no power over. You have to worry about what you can control and you have to do that to the best of your ability."

On what strengths he believes he brings to the Dolphins: "I feel like I have a large upside. I'm relatively new at the position, but in the two years I've played, I feel like I've learned and progressed a lot as a player. That's all I can hope for coming in to Miami, just the chance to be able to learn even more and progress even more as a player. I feel like in a place like Miami I can really expand and grow as a player with the coaching staff out there."

On if he thinks he can be a starter from Day 1: "We'll have to see what happens with what the coaches decide. I feel like I'm a very competitive person. I feel like I have a great ability. I have to come in and prove myself first and be able to do the best that I can and see what the coaches have to say. I have no idea."

On how he started playing football: "The basic way – 12 years old, pee wee league. I just started playing as a defensive end. I played that up until about two years ago."

On being a defensive player that was moved to the offensive line: "Yes. I was a defensive guy in junior college. They asked me if I wanted to try out the offensive line and it stuck. I was pretty natural at it. I ended up being a better o-lineman than a d-lineman, so I stuck with it."

On Miami not being too far from his hometown of Atlanta: "Not at all. It's right there in the neighborhood, too. We spent a lot of my childhood springs in West Palm Beach, Florida. My family loves Florida. They love it down there. They're down there all the time. It's going to be real exciting."

On how he feels about going from the snow of Utah to the beaches of Miami: "It sounds really good to me right now. It's almost May and we're still getting snow storms every now and then. It'll be nice to get in warm weather."

On feeling a responsibility to the Dolphins: "It's obviously a responsibility if a team picks you. It's an honor and a responsibility. In a way, to me, it feels like you're indebted to them to prove yourself as a player and to become the player they want you to be. The fact that they traded up to get me just reinforces that fact even more to me. From a psychological standpoint that they expect a lot out of me and I know I'm capable of delivering it. I have to deliver it."

On if he has gone on his mission: "Yes, I went to Brazil."

On his age: "I'm 25."

On if being with a team that was 1-15 gives him a better chance at more playing time: "I don't necessarily think so. It's obviously the NFL and every team has exceptional athletes and dominant players. So any team in any situation, it would be difficult to come in, It's going to be a tough fight no matter what team you're on."

On why he chose to play football over baseball: "It was just a sport that stuck with me. I liked baseball for certain qualities. It was a little bit more relaxing to me, but when football season came around it felt like the sport that felt more natural to me as a sport that I enjoyed playing. It just struck a cord with me more than baseball did."

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