Thomas a Late Bloomer

The Dolphins took an offensive lineman for the third time in this year's draft when they selected UConn guard Donald Thomas, a late bloomer who acutally wasn't thinking about playing football when he first went to college.

Thomas eventually hooked up with the football team after he was spotted playing basketball, and then went through a couple of position switches on the football team.

Thomas went from defensive tackle to guard to tight end and back to the offensive line. His only season as a full-time starter was in 2007 when he earned All-Big East Conference honors.

He also impressed with some impressive work at the scouting combine.

One negative was his arrest in 2003 when he was charged with misdemeanor assault and breach of peace after he was involved in a fight at a campus area fast food restaurant.

Here is NFL analysis Tom Marino's scouting report on Thomas:

Is he going to be big enough? Has good upper body strength, but small straight calves. Feet often stalled on contact inline. Tried to muscle people rather then hitting up and working around defender. Tough nasty individual who has an edge about him. On pass pro, was effectively able to anchor once he locked on with his hands. Base has a tendency to get too wide I didn't like the way his toes turned out. Mid to late round draft potential (4 - 5).

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