Here's a breakdown of how every unit performed in the 13-10 loss to the New York Jets.

QUARTERBACK — Ray Lucas keeps getting better every week, but it's pretty obvious by now that the Dolphins could never consistently win with him running the offense. He didn't throw any interceptions, but he easily could have gotten picked off three or four times. His one big mistake was the botched handoff to Robert Edwards that basically handed the Jets a touchdown. Grade: C

RUNNING BACKS — Ricky Williams just doesn't have much of a chance without any threat in the passing game, and the yards are tough to come by. But that doesn't excused his fumble near the goal line, which was a huge play. Robert Edwards again had a nice game as the third-down back, while Rob Konrad scored the only touchdown of the night. Grade: C+

RECEIVERS — Chris Chambers had one of his best nights of the season and it would have been even better had the officials not made the highly questionable move of overturning his apparent second-quarter touchdown. James McKnight had one big catch, but wasn't really much of a factor. Randy McMichael needs to be more involved in the offense. There were no apparent dropped passes. Grade: B-

OFFENSIVE LINE — This group has a tough job because of the presence of Lucas and the fact the opposing defenses are stacking the line of scrimmage, but they still are not doing a good enough job in the running game. As for the pass blocking, it looked improved over the performances against Buffalo and Green Bay. The return of left tackle Mark Dixon helped in that area, although he didn't play his best game. Grade: C

DEFENSIVE LINE — The Jets didn't do a whole lot of damage offensively, but the Dolphins never got that close to Chad Pennington with their pass rush. That was very disappointing. Jason Taylor, as usual, was double-teamed all night, but nobody stepped up to pick up the slack. Grade: B-

LINEBACKERS — Zach Thomas was everywhere, made a ton of tackles and was the best defensive player on the field. Derrick Rodgers also had a couple of nice tackles. Morlon Greenwood didn't play much and didn't do anything noteworthy. Grade: B+

SECONDARY — It's not often that Patrick Surtain looks bad, but he did against the Jets. He was called for a holding penalty, was beaten on a couple of occasions and joined safety Brock Marion and allowing Laveranues Coles to easily get open deep on a crucial 42-yard pass play late in the fourth quarter. The biggest problem all night for the secondary was penalties, with the Dolphins giving the Jets a few free first downs. Another problem was the inability to create a turnover, something the Dolphins desperately need these days. Grade: C-

SPECIAL TEAMS — The battle between two of the top special teams units in the league was pretty much a wash, with neither team getting a long return. Travis Minor had his worst night returning kickoffs. Mark Royals did a great job of making Santan Moss a non-factor with his high kicks. Dedric Ward had one nice punt return. Grade: B

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