Rookie Minicamp Q&A: WR Selwyn Lymon

Former Purdue wideout Selwyn Lymon wasn't among the 252 players selected in the 2008 draft, but he was one of the most intriguing prospects signed by the Dolphins as undrafted rookie free agents. The 6-foot-3 Lymon, who caught eight passes for 235 yards and two touchdowns against Notre Dame during his freshman season, touched on a variety of subjects after the last day of the rookie minicamp.

For those not familiar with Lymon, he was dismissed from Purdue's football team early last season after a series of off-the-field issues. His football ability, though, has never really been in question.

When the Dolphins first contact you?

"My agent informed me — he didn't give me any names — he was telling me before the draft that there some teams that wanted to take a look at me. He sent me down to Tampa and told me to get in shape for whatever was to come. It just so happened that the Dolphins were interested in me, and I got connected with them down the road."

When did you actually speak to anyone from the Dolphins?

"I'm not really sure of the date when I first talked to them. My agent was keeping in contact with them. It was like second-hand; I'd hear something from them. That's how that happened."

How many teams were interested in signing you?

"I'm not sure. Probably around 3-4, I knew, that gave me a call, asked me about my information, my draft-day number, things like that."

Did you watch the draft?

"Yes, yes. I had a lot of friends in the draft this year, with Dorian Bryant, Dustin Keller, James Hardy, we grew up in Fort Wayne. We played on the same football team when we were 7 years old all the way up. I had to support them and watch them."

How good is it to have someone like agent Eugene Parker in your corner?

"It's a blessing. He's a great guy. It's just good to know someone like that in the situation that I was in. He was able to notify people to get me involved and put me where I need to be.

"He's been watching me play sports since I was in high school. He was always telling me, ‘You're going to be an NFL player one day.' He just believed in me and I'm just out here trying to make it happen."

Do you feel you have something to prove as far as the kind of guy you are?

"As far as my attitude and my character, talking to Bill Parcells and everything, I think he knows that I'm actually a good kid. I just got caught up in the right place at the wrong time, a couple of issues. He took a chance on me and I'm happy for it."

Did it help that your father (Terry Lymon) was a running back who played in the CFL?

"It helped me all the way through. I played tailback until I sprouted up all of a sudden. That's the position he played. He knew a lot about that position, too. I just worked with him through my middle school and high school years, and then I went off on my own and started to teach him some stuff."

How do you feel about your chances of making this roster?

"I feel I have an opportunity. I've just got to keep working. That's the biggest part of it, just learning and getting used to everything, and how fast this whole game is around here and I should be OK."

Was there ever a time when you thought you might not get a chance to play in the NFL?

"I just had Eugene keeping me motivated. In the back of my mind, I was like, I don't think it's going to happen. But he just kept calling me, he was like, I got you, you just keep working hard, get the issues that you need to get out the way and then we're going to get you going. And I just believed in him."

So you stayed busy working out?

"I actually went down to Tampa Bay and worked at Maximum Sports with Jason Riley. It was me, James Hardy down there, Dustin Keller, we met Derek Jeter, Ryan Howard, we were working out with all those guys down there, so it was a pretty good experience."

You used to play with fellow free agent signing Justin Wynn?

"We grew up since we were like 7. Me, him and James Hardy. We all were on the same football team, imagine that. Me and Justin Wynn, we switched off between running back and quarterback, and James was strictly a receiver."

Are you impressed that Justin is out here despite the fact he hasn't played football since 2004?

"We just count our blessings every day. Like you said, he had to take time off, do other things for his family and everything. He's not doing this for himself, he's doing it for his family also. I'm proud of him to stay motivated and make it through because some people would have given up and gotten a job at Riley's or something. But he just stuck with his dream and he's living it out."

And now you guys might be fighting each other for a job?

"Yeah, imagine that."

How did this weekend go?

"I was really surprising myself out here. I mean, I got myself together pretty well over the time that I was out there in Tampa. I really didn't know how these three days were going to go. I got out here and I learned fast; I picked up on everything and I just worked hard. I think I did pretty good. As far as my conditioning, I've got a long way to go because, man, they run out here."

What was the youth football team you guys played for?

"The group was Metro, that was the name of the organization. We played for the Redskins. We started with the Wolverines, from 7 years old to 9. Then we went up to junior varsity, then varsity. That switched off to the Redskins. We went all the way through, then we split up to different high schools."

You guys must have been tough to beat?"Yeah, we were winning it all. We were undefeated like three or four years in a row. They said it wasn't fair."

You do know that the media in South Florida has to bring up your previous off-the-field issues?

"It's all part of my background. I did what I had to do. I paid my debt. I'm learning from it still. I still would have wished I could have finished school. That was my mom's dream to see me graduate from a college."

You still could accomplish that goal, right?

"Yeah, it's still possible, but I really wanted to do that first. The situation got me where I am right now, so I'm still suffering from it a little bit, but I'm making the best out of the situation."

How tough was it watching the draft?

"It was real tough because I felt I was good enough to be in that elite receiving group this year, and just for me to hear that I can't do it because of so many issues that I got caught up in, it was hurtful. Now, I'm starting from the bottom up when I could have been somewhere in the middle, working from somewhere up there. It's kind of motivation to go from the bottom up, it keeps you real humble. I've got a lot to prove and I've got to earn mine out here. So that's what I'm going to do."

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