No Tap Dancing Around This One

Wednesday's shocking revelation that Jason Taylor would stay away from the OTAs, minicamps and, most importantly, training camp was the latest development in the offseason soap opera involving the aspiring actor. But for Dolphins fans, this one isn't likely to have a Hollywood ending.

That Hollywood ending would have Taylor closing out his brilliant career in a Dolphins uniform, and if you want to make it even better he'd win a Super Bowl with Miami.

But at this point, it's difficult to envision Taylor ever playing another down for the Dolphins. It's actually almost impossible.

Such is the state of the relationship between Taylor and the Dolphins' new regime, i.e. Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano.

The head coach delivered the news on Wednesday in a very direct manner and left no doubt whatsoever he had no desire to talk about Taylor.

Because Sparano offered no details other than to say the team had gotten information that Taylor would not attend any OTA, minicamp or training camp practices, we have no idea when this all went down or exactly how.

Because of the way he worded it, though, it seemed pretty clear this is Taylor's doing, and not the Dolphins telling him to stay away -- even though at this point it's clear they might be as fed up with hiim as he is with them.

Again, he used the words "we've gotten information." If this was the Dolphins' doing, they wouldn't need to get the information, they would know the information.

So this looks like it's coming from the Taylor camp, which is interesting because he wrote in an blog not too long ago that he was planning on returning to football after "Dancing With The Stars" concluded.

So we're left to wonder whether Taylor reached out to the Dolphins this week, only to get the kind of reception that made him want to stay away. Or maybe he just thought about it and decided he wanted to do the "Hollywood thing" a little bit longer.

The bottom line is it really doesn't matter much that Taylor won't be there for the OTAs and minicamps. Really. Who cares?

Obviously, training camp is a different issue, and that's what significant here.

If Taylor misses all of training camp -- and that's certainly the way Sparano made it sound -- then we've got problems.

For one thing, that's when Taylor is going to start getting fined on a regular basis. He is contractually obligated to attend the June 6-8 minicamp, but that's just three days.

Anyway, the bigger issue is the longer Taylor stays away, the more likely it is he's done with the Dolphins.

If he stays away from training camp, then what happens once the regular season starts? Does he suddenly show up? Do the Dolphins play him?

It's just not a likely scenario that the Dolphins would simply waive him because -- as much of a headache as he might be for the Parcells/Ireland/Sparano triumvirate -- he's still too much of an asset to just dump.

The Dolphins would trade Taylor in a heartbeat if they could get what they wanted for him. They would have done so on draft weekend, but apparently were a little too greedy in their demands because no team budged.

Maybe now the Dolphins will lower their demands because they're obviously dealing with an unhappy player, a player with options, a player who wants to keep playing football but doesn't HAVE to keep playing football.

Things have gotten to this point, of course, because of Taylor's absence from the team this offseason while he made it all the way to the final of "Dancing With the Stars." Taylor's Hollywood aspirations clearly don't play well with no-nonsense football guys like Parcells, Ireland and Sparano.

Then there was the episode when Taylor stopped by Dolphins headquarters a few weeks back and basically was ignored by Parcells.

And now this.

Taylor was in New York on Wednesday, making appearances with "Dancing With The Stars" winner Kristi Yamaguchi on "Good Morning America" and "Live With Regis And Kelly."

That was closer to Miami than when he was in Los Angeles, but the distance between Taylor and the Dolphins only seemed to grow on this day.

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