James McKnight's Dolphins career has gone full circle now that he's back in the starting lineup because of Cris Carter's kidney problem. But if you expect McKnight to be excited about his new role, think again.

When asked Wednesday what it felt to be back in the starting lineup, McKnight replied: "There is no feeling. I just feel I've been a part of things, I just haven't been out there on the field. I've approached practice as though I was the starter, the way I prepare, knowing the game plan. Nothing's really changed, except that I'm getting more playing time on Sundays."

Alrighty then.

McKnight clearly has not been a happy camper this year, first when he lost his starting job to Chris Chambers in the offseason, then when he dropped to fourth on the wide receiver totem pole behind Chambers, Oronde Gadsden and Dedric Ward.

The worst of all for McKnight was being put on the inactive list for the Week 2 game at Indianapolis.

McKnight has been in uniform every week since then, but his role in the offense had been very limited. Starting for Carter last Sunday night against the Jets, McKnight had two catches for 52 yards, a 27-yarder and a 25-yarder.

With Carter likely gone for the season, McKnight suddenly has become an important player for the Dolphins again.

But don't look for him to be overly excited about it.

"I'm just excited about doing my job," McKnight said. "I'm excited about coming to work every day. Just because I"m going to be in the starting lineup, there's no more excitement. There's a little bit more responsibility, that's it."

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