Jay Fiedler finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel now that the cast on his right hand is gone. But the bad news is that his target date of Nov. 24 for his return has now been moved back.

Fiedler said on Wednesday that it's looking like it's out of the question for him to be able to play in the Nov. 24 game against the San Diego Chargers. He's hoping to return for the Dec. 1 game at Buffalo, but may even have to settle for the Dec. 9 Monday night game against Chicago.

The only thing that's certain is that nothing will be certain until Fiedler can start throwing a football.

Fiedler guessed that it would be another week to 10 days before he can start throwing a football, but he plans on picking up a Nerf ball or a tennis ball before then.

In the meantime, Fiedler is going to be working on re-establishing the range of motion in his right thumb.

"Right now my focus is on getting the range of motion back," Fiedler said. "When I'm ready to throw, I'll have a better determination of when I'll be 100 percent."

Fiedler figures to be back in the lineup before he's back at 100 percent. But despite the Dolphins' struggles with him on the sidelines, he's not going to rush his return and come back before he can be effective.

"I'm going to come back when I'm ready to come back," Fiedler said. "If I come back prematurely, I will only be hurting the team. I'm not rushing just to get back out there to make something happen."

Needless to say, watching the offense the last three games hasn't been pleasant for Fiedler.

"It's frustrating anytime I'm not playing," Fiedler said, "but it's even more frustrating when we're not winning."

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