The Best Scenario?

Jason Taylor's press conference to address his current situation with the Dolphins was a letdown to some who wanted him to publicly declare he wanted to be traded. But those who have followed Taylor's career since he joined the Dolphins as a third-round pick in 1997 should have known better. The reality, though, is that Taylor still is very likely to get dealt -- and there's one scenario we like.

No, we actually love this, although we must preface this by saying it's purely conjecture.

But the trade might work from both ends, and it would involved -- who else? -- the Dallas Cowboys.

It's a deal that would send Taylor to Dallas for linebacker Greg Ellis.

The only reason to bring up the possibility is that Ellis is unhappy in Dallas, to the point where he has skipped some OTA sessions.

As the story goes, Ellis is unhappy fairly often in the offseason, so maybe the Cowboys have or soon will reach the point where they'll decide enough is enough.

For the Cowboys, the trade has appeal because they replace one stud pass rusher to another and get rid of a headache. For the Dolphins, getting Ellis would provide a great return for a player who wants out and whom the team doesn't really want anymore.

For the deal to happen, one would think the Cowboys would want Taylor to restructure his contract, which calls for him to make $7.5 million this season and $8 million in 2009.

At 34, Taylor is only a year older than Ellis, but he certainly didn't help his trade value on Sunday when he said he wanted to play only one more season.

Of course, Taylor always could change his mind, particularly if he's going to go to a Super Bowl contender like Dallas.

And then there's the idea of going for a Super Bowl alongside former teammate and brother-in-law Zach Thomas.

That also might convince Taylor to play beyond 2008.

Ellis is only one year younger than Taylor, and he's scheduled to make $3.3 million and $4.1 million the next two seasons. He's also coming off a year where he had a career-high 12.5 sacks, and he certainly would fit in perfectly in the Dolphins defense.

From the Dolphins standpoint, this really would be a no-brainer. It's not nearly as much of a slam dunk for the Cowboys, but we think it's definitely something they might want to consider.

If it happens, then maybe we can finally close the book on the JT saga and everybody will be happy.

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