All Settled? ... Not Quite

Bill Parcells spoke to reporters on Thursday when he did a promotional appearance in Miami for Gatorade, and he told everyone that he wants Jason Taylor to play for the Dolphins in 2008. While that might seem to settle the issue once and for all, some questions remain.

For example, Parcells told the Palm Beach Post the team's isn't actively trying to trade Taylor, who this past weekend said he never asked for a trade but would be open to one if the organization felt it would benefit them.

Does that mean Taylor won't be dealt if a team steps up with an offer that's to the Dolphins' liking? We think not.

In fact, Taylor would have been dealt during the draft had anybody met the asking price of a first-round pick. As it was, the best that was offered at the time was a fourth-rounder and it's been reported a third-round pick is the best offer that's come around since.

In a straight-up deal of Taylor for a draft pick, it's unlikely the Dolphins would get that first-round pick because of Taylor's age, his contract and the fact he said last weekend he only wants to play one more year.

He softened that statement the next day when he said he reserved the right to change his mind, but it's still difficult to see a team giving up a first-rounder for Taylor.

Then there's the issue of training camp.

Taylor said last weekend it was premature of Coach Tony Sparano to announce he wouldn't attend training camp, but refused to commit to being there.

Sparano then said Wednesday the information he had regarding Taylor not being at training camp hadn't changed.

Nobody knows what that information is, and Taylor did nothing this past weekend to clear that up. In fact, Taylor did some fine dancing during his conversation with reporters -- work he perhaps learning on "Dancing With the Stars."

So what we have now is all parties saying the right things, including Sparano talking about the "good visit" he had with Taylor last week, but few clear answers. If the Dolphins definitely want Taylor on the team, and Taylor is fine with being with the Dolphins, then why wouldn't he be at training camp?

It's not like Taylor won't be able to help the Dolphins in 2008 if he doesn't go through the summer workouts, it just leaves us to believe that things maybe aren't quite as rosy as every side would have us believe right now.

Is it possible that the whole thing, as Parcells said Thursday, was just blown out of proportion? Sure, it's possible. It just doesn't seem likely, though.

There still remain some nagging questions that have gone unanswered. Only they do get answered, the feeling will remain that something is up.

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