Cornerback Sam Madison has been known to do his share of talking on the field. But in Sunday's game against the Ravens, he was on the receiving end of some barbs coming from an unlikely source.

Believe it or not, Madison was hearing it from none other than Ravens head coach Brian Billick.

Seems Billick began chirping at Madison in the second half after the Dolphins had taken a 20-7 lead.

With Madison close enough to see, Billick flashed his Super Bowl ring to Madison and reportedly said, "How does it feel not to have one of these?"

To top it all off, the Ravens head coach added, "This is as close as you'll ever get to one of these."

Linebacker Zach Thomas witnessed the whole thing, and said Billick wasn't the only Baltimore coach doing a lot of talking.

"It thought it was pretty funny," Thomas said of Billick's comments. "That was a pretty good line. The coach usually stays out of it, but when we were over there on their sideline after tackling somebody, they had everybody, assistant coaches, talking all this noise.

"It was pretty ridiculous because none of the players were talking; it was all the coaches."

Thomas said he has never heard an opposing coach talking trash to him.

Billick has long had a reputation for being one of the most boisterous coaches in the league, but that episode certainly was a doozy.

"I'm kind of amused, really," said Dolphins head coach Dave Wannstedt. "I can't see Chuck Noll or Coach Shula pointing to their Super Bowl rings on the sidelines like that. From what I've heard about Billick, it doesn't suprise me."

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