With the Dolphins enjoying — and for the first time in three weeks they are enjoying it — a day off before getting back to work on Wednesday, we offer some final thoughts on the victory over the Baltimore Ravens.

-- There wasn't much more amusing than hearing Sam Madison describe Ravens coach Brian Billick trash-talking him in the second half of Sunday's game and pointing to his Super Bowl ring. It really shouldn't have come as a major surprise that Billick denied telling Madison to look at his Super Bowl ring because it was the closest he would ever get to one.

Said Billick, "First off, I don't wear my Super Bowl rings during the games and I don't wear it through the season very much. He is a very vocal player and he was jawing with the players, he was jawing with the coaches and he was jawing with me. I do believe at one point I told him, ‘Just play the game and save that for the Super Bowl.' That is a very good football team, so whatever he thought he saw he heard I can't address."

We'll let you decide who to believe, although defensive end Adewale Ogunleye said he heard Billick doing some trash talking on the sideline.

-- Speaking of Ogunleye, he more than doubled his sack total in the victory over Baltimore, with 2.5 of the team's season-high seven sacks.

Remember, Ogunleye had an amazing eight sacks during the preseason.

"He was due," said Coach Dave Wannstedt. "He's been working hard. It was good to see him have some success."

-- Another player who stepped up against the Ravens was wide receiver James McKnight.

Wannstedt made it a point to point out the performance of McKnight, who has gone from tying for the team lead in receptions last year to being almost an afterthought on offense this season.

Said Wannstedt: "I was real pleased with James McKnight. It's great to see him come back in a starting role and perform like he did yesterday, after everything this kid has been through. He did a great job of blocking. He obviously made the one big play on the quick little hitch pattern from Ray (Lucas). It was great to see McKnight and Wale (Adewale Ogunleye) on defense step up."

-- Ogunleye and McKnight both got game balls for their performance against Baltimore, as did kicker Olindo Mare for special teams.

Mare made his two field goal attempts in windy conditions and also had good hang time on his kickoffs.

-- After being inactive for three of the previous four games, fullback Deon Dyer saw action against the Ravens. Wannstedt indicated the Dolphins came into the game particularly intent on running the ball and decided they needed Dyer's blocking in there.

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