Going After Glenn a No-Brainer?

It didn't take long after Terry Glenn was released by the Dallas Cowboys that the idea of him playing for the Dolphins was brought up. Heck, it actually began as soon as speculation started that he might be done in Dallas. Given the state of the Dolphins receiving corps, it certainly would seem to make sense on the surface. But is going after Glenn really a no-brainer?

Clearly, the answer would be "yes," if we were having this discussion a couple of years ago. But this is a different Terry Glenn we're talking about.

He's the Terry Glenn that comes with major question marks about his knees, the one who missed 15 games last season.

Cowboys doctors have said Glenn needs microfracture surgery to fully repair his right knee, a procedure that likely would end his career. Glenn's doctors have said he's healthy enough to play.

Because of that disagreement, the Cowboys wanted Glenn to sign an injury settlement in case he reinjured his knee and Glenn balked, so the team kept him out of the offseason minicamps and OTAs.

They decided to release him last week because they felt he wasn't in good enough shape and they wanted to focus on developing their young receivers.

Now, here's the major point here: The Cowboys have a team that could contend for the Super Bowl in 2008, and perhaps their only question mark is depth at wide receiver.

What does that say about Glenn that they preferred going another route rather than take a chance on Glenn, who gives them a tremendous complement to Terrell Owens when healthy.

The Dolphins are in a different situation with the Cowboys. They're nowhere near contending for the playoffs, let alone the Super Bowl, although they also have a need at wide receiver.

Glenn instantly would become the team's best receiver if the Dolphins signed him and he remained healthy, but again there is no guarantee that will happen.

More importantly, though, Glenn alone wouldn't turn the Dolphins into a playoff contender and it's also safe to wonder exactly how long he has left before his knee finally forces him out of the game.

The best guess is he probably can be productive for another year, maybe two. By the time the Dolphins are ready to compete, it's likely Glenn either will be just another guy or he might be out of the league altogether because of his knee.

Yes, it would make a big splash for the Dolphins to sign Terry Glenn and it certainly could give them a chance to upgrade their receiving corps, but it's a move that will come with no guarantees and also little chance of having a major long-term impact.

This team, remember, is building for the future. Terry Glenn is a player for the present because his future is so cloudy.

So while the Dolphins do need help at receiver -- badly need help -- going after Glenn isn't the no-brainer that some people think it is.

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