Big Concern at QB

We're less than a week into training camp, and the Dolphins' quarterback situation remains as unsettled as it did a month ago. In fact, it might even be worse. Face it, it's not good news when Michael Irvin reports on his radio show in Dallas that former Cowboys second-round pick Quincy Carter is coming to Miami for a workout.

Carter is coming off playing for Kansas City in the Arena Football League this spring, but he hasn't thrown a pass in the NFL since 2004. Carter has always had good athletic ability, but drug-related issues put him out of the league.

But this isn't about Carter, it's about the fact the Dolphins would even consider looking at someone else at this stage.

What does this say about the Dolphins' feelings about the three quarterbacks on their roster -- Josh McCown, John Beck and Chad Henne? That they would bring in for a workout someone who's been out of the league for four years, someone no other team in the NFL has wanted a part of all this time?

If this was about giving Carter a shot simply because of Carter, the Dolphins would have given him a look before training camp opened. Sure, maybe it's just the Dolphins doing their due diligence and just looking at Carter in case they need help down the line, but, again, the timing is awfully strange.

Again, this is all depending on Irvin's report being accurate.

But anyone who has watched practice this past week can easily see the Dolphins are in bad shape at the position. Beck is the one who's been singled out for his poor performance -- primarily because of an atrocious practice on Sunday -- but the truth is McCown and Henne haven't exactly been lighting it up, either.

The hope for the Dolphins heading into camp was that one of those guys -- any one of them, it didn't matter -- emerge as a guy who could take charge on offense.

Instead, Coach Tony Sparano said this week that no one had emerged as a leader and that he wasn't necessarily looking for a quarterback to win games but rather one who doesn't lose them.

Neither statement is exactly a vote of confidence for the QBs on the roster, even though we need to point out we're not out of July yet. So perhaps it's premature to start panicking about the quarterback situation.

OK, so no panicking. Worrying? Absolutely.

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