Carter Getting Workout

Former Dallas starting quarterback Quincy Carter indeed will be getting a workout with the Dolphins. Coach Tony Sparano confirmed that on Thursday, while adding it was just a matter of the Dolphins "flipping over stones" and doing "their due diligence" in the continuing effort to improve the team.

Here's what Sparano had to say about Carter:

On giving Carter a workout: "Really, we need to have this conversation, what we need to understand here -- when I say ‘we,' meaning you guys as well -- is that this isn't going to change. It really isn't. Yesterday was Terry Glenn, today it's Quincy, it's not going to change. We're just going to keep turning over, flipping over stones and bringing in a lot of people. And it probably won't change for two to three years. Quincy is here and we will have a workout with Quincy."

On if he brought in Quincy Carter over other quarterbacks because of his familiarity with the system: "Yeah, I think familiarity with the offense and maybe our familiarity with him just a little bit that way. But, again, this is just a workout, that's all it is, it's a look-see, see what's happening out there. I mentioned this yesterday, and this is important, that Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells will do their due diligence on every player that's out there and every player that's available one way or the other to try to help our football team, whatever way we can help our football team down the road. This is just a workout to take a look to make sure that we're dotting the ‘i' and crossing the ‘t' ourselves."

On if he's bringing in Carter because he's not pleased with the current quarterback situation: "Not at all, it sure doesn't. In fact, I have been pleased with the three quarterbacks and what they've done right now and I think the competition is really good. It just means that we need to make sure we're doing our due diligence on players that are available."

On if he's bringing in Carter to take a load off the other three quarterbacks: "No, not at this point. The three guys are throwing. I haven't heard any complaints that way. I think what we're doing with keeping a guy down has been working pretty well because it gets us through individual periods certainly, and that's where you throw the most balls, in individual periods. And as we get in into our team periods, one of those quarterbacks is down. So I think from that standpoint it's been a little bit of a help keeping a guy down when we got to the team period but keeping him up in individual period. It's saving some arms, so whoever was down is coming back fresh, maybe not throwing as many balls that way and it certainly is giving us a better picture and I'm sure it's giving you guys a better picture."

On where Quincy Carter is at right now: "I'm not going to comment on where he is at right now. We just talked about this right now, Bill and Jeff are handling all of those things and that's Bill and Jeff's deal. My job is to get ready for 1:50 (practice)."

On what kind of player was Carter: "When we had Quincy and when we worked with him obviously we went to the playoffs that year, I think we were 9-7, maybe 10-6, I don't really remember what we were at that point. Quincy was athletic and he can move and he can make some plays that way and he kept plays alive a little bit. Early on in our process that was important for us. He was an intelligent guy and a pretty good motivator, from what I remember."

On the make-up of Carter's workout: "It's just a normal positional deal. It will be no different than anyone else. We brought in (Chris) Roberson the other day. We worked him, we ran him, and we work him in specific drill work and fundamentals and try to see where they are at right now. How they are running and those things. From a quarterback standpoint, you're throwing, whatever it is. We're going to get some throws and just see where he is."

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