Porter on Feely: That's Just the Business

Linebacker Joey Porter is never afraid to share his thoughts on anything football-related, and that certainly was the case when he was asked for his reaction on the release of veteran kicker Jay Feely.

"I'm not too much surprised by anything that happens in this business," Porter said. "The whole thing about this business is they want the cheapest player possible. We all know that. (They) want a great player for cheap. That's just the business. The faster you learn that, you learn where you fall in the pecking order. The young kid can kick. He proved he kicked the long one off the dirt. It just happens. I can't say I knew it was going to happen, but it wasn't a shocking thing."

Feely indicated after he was released that he had been asked by the Dolphins' new regime not to talk to the media so much, so the outspoken Porter was asked if a similar request had been made of him.

"Nah, nah, but at the same time … Jay's my boy," Porter began his answer. "I like Jay Feely a lot, but at the same time …certain players get to do certain things certain players don't. Nothing against Jay, but kickers don't get to be as vocal as I would be. I don't care who you are. (Mike) Vanderjagt tried and he got kicked out of Indy and he was the best kicker in the game. Y'all know that. Kickers don't get to talk a whole lot."

A reporter followed by confirming that Porter hadn't been asked to tone it down: "Nah," he replied. "That's going to be very hard to do."

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