Two More Released

Wide receiver David Kircus turned some heads early in training camp with his ability to get open and his consistency in catching the ball, but things obviously went downhill in recent days because he was one of two players released on Friday.

The other was cornerback Chris Roberson, who had been signed a few days after the start of training camp.

The release of Kircus left seven wide receivers on the roster: Ted Ginn Jr., Derek Hagan, Ernest Wilford, Greg Camarillo, Anthony Armstrong, Davone Bess and Jayson Foster.

Kircus was the fourth receiver released since the start of camp, following Justin Wynn, John Dunlap and Selwyn Lymon.

As for Roberson, his departure left six cornerbacks on the roster: Andre' Goodman, Will Allen, Michael Lehan, Nathan Jones, Joey Thomas and Will Billingsley.

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