With the Dolphins enjoying their bye on Tuesday, we offer some final thoughts and observations from Sunday's big victory over the San Diego Chargers.

-- The roughing-the-passer penalty on LB Zach Thomas, which negated a Patrick Surtain interception, was an absolute joke. The officials told Coach Dave Wannstedt that Thomas was flagged because he hit QB Drew Brees around the head area, but replays clearly showed Thomas hitting Brees in the shoulder and chest region.

When asked about the play, Wannstedt said Thomas "did a great job."

-- On the flip side, the Dolphins caught a break on Scott McGarrahan's hit that forced a San Diego fumble on a punt return. McGarrahan hit returner Reche Caldwell before he fielded the ball, but officials ruled that McGarrahan was pushed in the back by a San Diego player, therefore McGarrahan wasn't guilty of interference.

But replays showed that McGarrahan was only slightly touched by the Chargers player and probably could have avoided Caldwell.

So, really, the call should have been offsetting penalties: push in the back on San Diego and interference on Miami.

-- It really didn't matter in the end, but Wannstedt should not have had Olindo Mare try a 54-yard field goal in the third quater.

Yes, the Dolphins were leading comfortably, but a 54-yard field goal is a long shot at any time, and the Dolphins weren't desperate for points.

It would have made more sense to just punt and back the Chargers up and continue to play field position.

-- One penalty that was called correctly was the personal foul on Sam Madison. The only question here: What was he thinking?

He had just combined with Zach Thomas to drive LaDainian Tomlinson out of bounds on a running play when he decided to shove Tomlinson as the players were returning to the field.

That was dumb.

-- You won't see a cornerback play better run defense than what Patrick Surtain did against the Chargers. He came up time and time again, one time dropping Tomlinson for a 1-yard loss.

-- Mark Royals doesn't boom a lot of punts, but you don't see many long returns against the Dolphins. Against the Chargers, you saw none.

Every one of Royals' punts either was downed or fair-caught. That was one big reason the Dolphins won the battle of field position throughout the afternoon.

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