From The Other Side, Part 3

To get the lowdown on the Dolphins' next opponent, the New England Patriots, we checked in with Patriots Insider's Jon Scott. In Part 3, we get his take on the matchup as well as a prediction on the game.

Q: Is there anyone in New England who thinks the Pats actually could lose this game?

Jon Scott: There's always the possibility the Patriots will lose. There is one well-known Boston writer who always predicts doom and gloom, but he's no longer writing for the team's favorite paper. You will probably still find a few doubters of Matt Cassel and the defense. Whether those doubts turn into predictions for a Dolphins victory would be hard to say.

Q: What one matchup do you think the Dolphins could take advantage of?

JS: Dolphins running backs vs. the Patriots defense. The Jets averaged over 5 yards per carry. The Chiefs were able to run when they wanted as long as it wasn't Larry Johnson up the middle. The Dolphins have the tools to succeed against New England on the ground, and if they can churn out the yards to make third downs' more manageable, then it makes sense Miami will be able to keep the ball out of the Patriots hands while finding ways to put points on the board.

Q: Give us your prediction, and a quick explanation why?

JS: I expect the Patriots to find a way to win, though not in a blowout — 20-13. I expect Miami knows the Patriots offense well enough to contain it sufficiently while allowing Chad Pennington time to keep the game close — or at least closer than the 12.5 point spread Vegas has predicted. The Dolphins need to run the ball well in order to win, and the Patriots need to stop it. Whomever wins that battle will likely win the game. I just don't see Chad Pennington being able to exploit the secondary after the Pats work to stop the run.

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