Brown Discusses His Big Day

Ronnie Brown has been a popular guy in the Dolphins locker room since last Sunday when he set a franchise record with four rushing touchdowns and executed to perfection plays that had him lining up at quarterback. Brown talked, among other things, about the game and being named AFC Offensive Player of the Week when he met with the media.

On being named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week: "It's rewarding. I think for myself it's so big, coming off an injury and having to put all the work in the offseason, coming into therapy all those days it's kind of a little bit of a payoff. I finally feel like everything is going in the right direction."

On returning to form after last season injury: "Yeah, that was the tough part for me, coming through and having to go through last season and having to sit on the sideline or be at home while your teammates are struggling and you may have some dark days and you really don't feel like coming to therapy, your sore and you have to fight through those days. So to come out and have a day like Sunday it feels pretty good."

On who is a better passer, him or LaDainian Tomlinson: "I don't know I will let you all answer that. Probably him, he has done it more. That was my first time and he has done it a few more times."

On whether he can say that was the greatest game of his life: "I can't. That was the first time I ever threw a touchdown pass, I guess that's good. As far as scoring touchdowns, I guess in Pop Warner I may have had a couple of games where I scored a few touchdowns, but nothing compares to this, especially when you are in the NFL and you are among some of the elite players and playing against a team like the New England Patriots so it just makes it a lot better, especially for us it's a divisional opponent so I felt pretty good about that."

On wanting build on the success: "It's important. I think the big thing for us is that we were sitting here 0-2 and to come out and have a divisional game and an divisional opponent someone of the caliber of the Patriots, you know it was a big thing for us to come in to the off week to try to get a win and get it on the right track. Fortunately, we came out and had a good week of practice last week and it paid off for us, so now I think we just want to build on that and we still have some things that we could have done better and improve on. So I think that is our main key this week."

On whether he wishes the Dolphins were playing this weekend to keep the momentum going: "A little bit, but you know, I kind of look at it on the positive side of things. We get the opportunity to prepare for two weeks for San Diego and some of the things that they do, and at the same time work on a lot of the things that we may not do as well as we like to and some things that we have the opportunity to game plan a little bit more."

On whether his traditional smile was even bigger Monday coming after his performance at New England: "A little bit, but not really. You got to keep everything in perspective. It was just one week, third game of the season, so now we got 13 more. Now we got an off week to make sure that we keep everything going."

On how long he's been waiting for this kind of moment after getting hurt last season while leading the NFL in all-purpose yards: "I think it's just for our offense. We've been struggling the first couple weeks and we've been getting off to a slow start. That was our focus coming into this week is try to get off to a faster start. We just kept at the pace we were going. They were capable of making some big plays on their side, so we came out and were able to do that and make some plays throwing and running the ball."

On guys playing cheerleader as he lined up at quarterback: "It was kind of weird. I think some of the defensive guys were kind of suspect about it. We were kind of practicing it during the week and I think we were trying to do it in the worst defense possible to see if worse comes to worse, our worst look. For the game, fortunately everything worked out and we were able to have success doing it."

On why it worked so well, was it the element of surprise?: "I think it was an element of surprise and it kind of threw them off a little bit. I don't think anybody's seen that, so then we came out in the formation kind of seeing the guys kind of struggling to line up whatever a little bit. At the same time we executed pretty well and from that point we kind of just planned hide-and-go-seek, kind of making them guess and hopefully they were guessing wrong."

On saying Sunday that he could sense New England's defense was confused based on things they were saying to each other: "Yeah, a little bit. You could tell like when we lined up and I was in the backfield and Chad (Pennington) go to receiver and Ricky (Williams) is over at the slot, you kind of see the guys looking around and they were kind of like, ‘OK, see what we're going to do.' Then Ricky goes in motion, I guess a few times they didn't know whether to go with him or bump the defense so I think that was a good thing."

On whether he was surprised the Patriots didn't adjust in the second half: "A little bit, but I guess the first half of the game it was kind of hard to make a lot of adjustments. Then coming out of halftime, not seeing the formation before and you really not knowing the plays that we had out of it and I think it was pretty tough."

On if he sees a quarterback controversy after having a perfect 158.3 passer rating at New England: "No, not at all. Last time I threw a pass we got ripped a little bit with the Houston game. It didn't work out so well, so I'm glad this one worked out."

On whether he thinks the formation is something they could use in future games: "I think with the success we had, it's an opportunity to continue using it and kind of build off of it and do some different things out of it. It just adds a different aspect to our offense and it kind of mixes it up to go along with the no-huddle. Going out of our basic offense and coming in these kind of plays kind of throws them off a little bit and just adds another detail to what we can do."

On teams having to prepare for it even if they don't run it: "Yeah, I think they have to spend a little bit of time getting ready for it. Even if we don't run it, it still helps in the game plan."

On whether he had to ice his throwing shoulder after the game: "Man, that was just one throw. I didn't even warm up for that one."

On how surprised he was with how much room he had to run: "It was surprising. Obviously, you look at the New England Patriots and how fundamentally sound they are and how they do all of their stuff technically. They do a great job and for us to be able to catch them off guard like that, it was surprising. To have the success that we had as far as running the ball and throwing the ball as an offense, I think we put up 400 or something yards of offense. We had a pretty decent day."

On his second touchdown when he lowered his shoulder into the defender instead of shifting left or right: "I think we were trying to come out and make a statement as far as we needed to get things going. That was an opportunity for myself; I figured I have an opportunity to score a touchdown whether I went over there or not. I figured he was coming over, he's going to make the tackle so more times than not when they get an opportunity to tackle us and were laying on the ground and they're going to try to take advantage and get in on a tackle so it was my opportunity to take advantage."

On what Tony Sparano said after he came off the field after that touchdown: "He didn't say anything. He was just excited and he met us coming off the field. He was excited that we scored a touchdown."

On whether this performance puts the questions to rest about his knee and his health: "I hope so. Coming into the season I felt pretty good physically and each week I continue to feel better like I've been saying over the past few weeks. It's nothing different, just having a bit more success on the offensive side of the ball and that's not based on my performance solely we did a great job on offense and we did a lot of things coming into this week as far as practice wise."

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