Jay Fiedler is back in charge of the Dolphins offense, and he will need to quickly regain his early-season form if the Dolphins are going to have success down the stretch.

Fiedler didn't looked particulary sharp after replacing Ray Lucas in Sunday's loss at Buffalo, but the effects of being out six weeks and the dreadful weather conditions certainly didn't help.

But now Fielder will have a full week of practice as the No. 1 guy before he starts Monday night's home game against the Chicago Bears.

"Jay said he felt good coming out of the game for the first time playing in six weeks," said Coach Dave Wannstedt. "The key will be to get him in the mix this week from the standpoint of getting him in rhythm and getting him comfortable in practice so we can have him execute on Monday night. That is where we are at right now."

The Dolphins have been running the ball very well the last couple of weeks, highlighted by Ricky Williams' 228-yard performance at Buffalo.

The passing game, meanwhile, focused on playing it safe and the results were positive in the victories over Baltimore and San Diego.

But the Dolphins needed to make some plays in the passing game against the Bills, and that just didn't happen.

That's where the Dolphins are hoping Fiedler can make a difference.

"The real key for us is to get Jay Fiedler back in a comfort zone," Wannstedt said. "We've got to get that done and this is not the preseason. It's not an easy situation. The Rams found that out with Warner. So, we'll see."

If nothing else, the game at Buffalo might prove valuable for the Dolphins because Fiedler was able to get in the game, as opposed to coming in cold for his start against Chicago.

"He got in there and got a chance to take some snaps and just move around a little bit," Wannstedt said. "You can see that with quarterbacks that have been hurt and come back and played, that it does take some time to get into the game-speed rhythm again."

For the Dolphins' sake, Fiedler better not take too long.

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