Porter Talks the Talk

Joey Porter was holding court with reporters on Wednesday when he was asked whether he was going to provide bulletin-board material -- the way he did before the Dolphins' last game at New England. But Porter wasn't having any of it. In fact, he took advantage of the question to discuss why he so often finds himself the center of a controversy.

"I don't make bulletin board material," Porter said. "Y'all make it. I just say how I feel and y'all create the rest."

Porter pointed out that his comments about Matt Cassel and his confidence before the New England game were blown way out of proportion, which we have agree with.

As a reminder, Porter merely said that Cassel couldn't do what Tom Brady does and that "it'll be good to go out and get our first victory."

That last comment was portrayed as a "guarantee" in certain media outlets, which didn't make Porter happy.

"Before the game I've got Mike Ditka calling me out, Jim Rome calling me out, I don't have enough hardware to say this, I don't have enough years to say that, who does he think he is?" Porter said. "I didn't even say nothing.

"I'm not going into the game and saying, 'Man, you're real good.' Who does that?' Nobody does that. But that's the rule that you have to play the game. So If you look at all the boring interviews, everybody's like, 'Yeah, he's a great guy.' I could talk like everybody in the league. 'Did you see him on tape? He's something else, that LaDainian (Tomlinson).' I can't do that. I'm not going to sit here and admire him knowing on game day I'm trying to stop him the best I can."

When a reporter jokingly suggested that the South Florida media simply set up Porter to look good against New England, he quickly replied: "It was set up for me to fail. I made me look good. Y'all set me up for failure, but I reversed it and ended up looking good. I took a small just 'how I feel' and y'all turned it and said I guaranteed."

Of course, the situation with New England was far from the first time Porter became a focal point because of something he said.

There's a simple reason this keeps happening, according to the Dolphins linebacker.

"Because I'm going to speak my mind. Before the game I was the bad guy. I just made it look better when we won and I happened to play pretty good.

"Guys want everybody to be a certain way —robots. You're supposed to say the right thing. It's all set up for you to be like robots."

Nobody has ever accused Porter of being a robot. And there's nobody on the Dolphins who's going to care what he says if he can deliver more performances like the one he had in New England.

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