Home Sweet Home?

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano is hoping to begin building a home-field tradition -- starting on Sunday.

The Dolphins have lost 10 of their last 12 at Dolphin Stadium, and this week had having trouble selling out. The NFL granted the Dolphins a one-day extension to avoid their first regular-season blackout since the 1998 season in a game with the Rams.

The Dolphins play six of their next eight games at home.

"When you're out on the road in this league, it's very hard to win," Sparano said. "When you're home, that should be an advantage for you. We're looking forward to playing at home this week, getting in front of our own people here, our own fans and being able to go out and so some of those things.

"There's an attitude that you establish playing in your own building, or that you need to establish playing in your own building. We haven't done that yet. We didn't win at home yet. We need to make sure that we take care of home base and I think there has to be a sense of pride and an attitude that when you look at your schedule and you get these eight home games that come out, you feel real good about winning a handful of these games because you're playing in your park and that's the advantage," Sparano said.

Sparano said he told his team Thursday morning that complacency is unacceptable.

"I see a team that has a little bit more of a swagger right now out there. I think that they practiced really hard. Their attention to detail has been outstanding but when we get to the game this week, we'll see. It was only one game. We won one game. As I said to the team today, if any of you guys tell me that we came here and the mission was to win one game at the start of the season then I'm going to throw you out. It's not what we came here to do," Sparano said.

Sparano was then jokingly asked if any player stood up and admitted that.

"If they did, you'd have seen a hole out there today," Sparano said.

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