Sam Madison wasn't shy about saying after Sunday's loss at Buffalo that he's not playing the type of football he's accustomed to, but he still has the confidence of his teammates.

This clearly has not been a great year by Madison standards, and there might not have been a more frustrating game than Sunday's 38-21 loss at Buffalo during which Madison saw a potential interception instead turn into an Eric Moulds touchdown, which was followed by Moulds burning Madison for a 47-yard gain.

That led to Madison saying afterward that he was "struggling" and "failing."

Coach Dave Wannstedt said that was just one example of Madison's competitiveness and his refusal to deflect responsibility to others.

"That's the thype of person Sam is," Wannstedt said. "A lot of guys would find another person to blame or something else to blame. Sam stands up, he's one of our captains and he says basically, I'm capable of making more plays. That's what he's saying, and right now I'm not doing it. But the bottom line is he will do it. That's why he was elected captain."

Madison has been selected to the Pro Bowl each of the last three years, but he hasn't really played like a Pro Bowler this season.

But fellow cornerback Patrick Surtain said Madison can turn things around in a hurry.

"He's one of the best corners in the league, but everybody goes through it," Surtain said. "The thing is, once Sam makes a play, it's on. I'm not worried about it. Everybody goes through tough times. The guy has so much will, so much character, I know he's going to bounce back.

"He's the type of player the next four games he could come up with eight picks for us. And then you guys will be talking about the Sam Madison of old. He's just going through a rough time right now, but we know what kind of player he is, we know what kind of leader he is, and we know how much he means to this team."

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