From The Other Side, Part 1

To get the lowdown on the Dolphins' next opponent, the Houston Texans, we checked in with's Charlie Bernstein. In Part 1, we get his take on the Houston offense.

Q. Former Dolphins QB Sage Rosenfels had a good game last Sunday until he botched things up in the final minutes; what is the likelihood, barring injury, that he'll get another shot with the Texans?

Charlie Bernstein: Sage Rosenfels is a talented quarterback, maybe the most talented backup quarterback in the game. Rosenfels could start for at least three-quarters of the NFC North. Matt Schaub began the season horribly, and after one good game against Jacksonville, there's no guarantee that he'll transform himself into a top 10 QB. With Schaub's injury history being significant, and his 4-12 career win/loss record, it's fairly likely that Rosenfels will be under center again this season for the Texans.

Q. Matt Schaub is expected to start at quarterback for the Texans. How much better is he than Rosenfels?

CB: Honestly, I'm not sure if Schaub is any better than Rosenfels, but I do know that the team has a second-round pick invested in Schaub (via trade) and a fairly big contract and that's why it's his job to lose.

Q. Have the Texans solved their running game woes with rookie Steve Slaton?

CB: Slaton certainly seems like the real deal, as he runs with speed and surprising power for a smaller guy. I believe that he'd be best in a two-back system, but I doubt that Ahman Green will stay healthy long enough to be that other back.

Q. Is Andre Johnson the most underpublicized stud in the NFL, and how he has kept from going crazy not being able to get a good offense around him?

CB: Andre Johnson has almost the complete opposite attitude of most WR's that you'd think of from "The U." Johnson is a total team guy, but he's obviously frustrated with all the losing. The Texans offense is solid, they just find ways to lose every week.

Q. How dangerous is tight end Owen Daniels?

CB: Owen Daniels is one of the best receiving tight ends that nobody thinks of around the league. He has great hands, is a solid blocker, and he reminds me a lot of Pittsburgh's Heath Miller.

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