Opponent Opinions: QB Matt Schaub

The Dolphins face off against the Houston Texans this weekend, and quarterback Matt Schaub discusses the matchup as well as his team's slow start.

On RB Ahman Green saying the team is fed up and wants to pop someone in the mouth: "I love it. I think that should be our mentality this week. Exactly like (RB) Ahman (Green) said, we want to taste victory. We want to go after somebody and just jump on somebody from the start of the game on through the finish. We've been really close the past two weeks and we fell short. We just have to focus on the future and not dwell on the past."

On if that was one of the most bizarre Sundays he's been a part of: "It was an unusual circumstance that I have never seen before and probably will never see again. That was a special circumstance that took place on Sunday."

On wanting QB Sage Rosenfels to succeed: "Yeah, I want him to play well and he did that. He played the game that you need to play to beat a team like the Indianapolis Colts up until the last three, four minutes. I definitely feel for him because I've been there, but he played well."

On the Dolphins defense: "They are playing incredibly well together. They present a lot of different looks to you. They just seem to play really good football as a group. There are a few really tough players, guys that you know, big names. Other than that, they are a group of guys that play well together in their scheme. They're tough up front; they're big and physical. They're playing the 3-4 style. They are playing really well when you look at their tapes the past two weeks."

On the Dolphins turnaround in such a short amount of time: "Well, I'd say it goes out to their leadership and their coaching staff, that they've been able to turn things around. They first two weeks they started out and they struggled a little bit but the past two weeks they just seem to have found an identity and they are really playing well as a team."

On needing a win: "Oh, it's huge. We need to come out here this Sunday and right from the first whistle, the first play, to just jump on them and play really good football at the start of the game and get a lead and maintain it. Just play solid football and execute at a high level."

On why they struggle against 3-4 defenses: "I think everybody struggles with it a little bit, other than the teams that actually face it every day, you know, their own teams. But it's just something different and in a short amount of time it's very difficult to prepare for. But I think we've benefitted from it because we've seen it a few times already this season, going back to Dallas in the preseason, with Pittsburgh and then getting ready for the Baltimore game. So, I feel like we're better prepared than most teams might be at this point."

On the 3-4 defense making it harder to know where the blitz is coming from: "Depending on the team you're playing, that can definitely be a tough assignment to recognize where they are coming from. But certain teams, it's not as hard to recognize."

On if he is excited about the running game: "I've been really excited about our running game this year. We've really made a lot of improvements and having (RB) Ahman (Green) back in there and (RB) Steve (Slaton) running well, it gives us a good one-two combo."

On if he is back in rhythm after not playing last week: "I was practicing all last week. I was ready up until the game time when coach said I wasn't going. So, I was ready to play all last week so it's not like I haven't been out there practicing and in rhythm with my guys. I'll be ready to go. It won't be a big deal."

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