Opponent Opinions: RB Ahman Green

The Dolphins face off against the Houston Texans this weekend, and running back Ahman Green discusses the matchup as well as his return to action after being out with an injury.

On the exchange between RB Steve Slaton and himself: "I like it. I'm used to it. I did it in Green Bay when I first got there with (RB) Dorsey Levens. So, I'm kind of accustomed to it so it doesn't bother me. I like it because it keeps the defense very honest, and it makes them have to adjust to a different runner every third or fourth play."

On if it is hard for him to get in a rhythm with the exchange between himself and RB Steve Slaton: "No, actually for myself coming off of an injury and kind of getting back into it, I get into a rhythm a little bit better doing it that way."

On if he has been able to watch yet what the Miami defense is doing and how they are stopping the run: "Just a little bit so far. What they're doing is playing hard football. They're being very aggressive. I know a couple of the players. Defensive line wise, I played with and against (DE) Vonnie Holliday recently. So, I know how he plays. He plays tough. He plays smart along with the linebackers. It's going to be a hard game for the running game, for myself and Steve."

On how to get over a loss like last weekend and can the team move on: "Yeah, the team can move on. The way I look at it is I've been through a situation kind of like that. I actually lost a game for my team playing in Green Bay in '03 against Kansas City. I fumbled the ball and then it went into overtime. Kansas City scored on the next play. So, I know what that feeling is and what you've got to do basically is just look at the next week and forget about it really and move on."

On if he has watched film on Miami shutting down RB LaDainian Tomlinson last week: "I've seen a little of that too. I will watch more. Like I said, what I've seen so far, they're just playing technique and whatever they've been coached and playing physical. So, we've got to be ready for that."

On his having said that it drove him crazy to not be playing and what it meant to get back on the field: "Well, it hasn't driven me crazy, but to do what I was able to do on Sunday, I knew that it was going to be a big deal for our team because it helps our offense get going. With a different running style like mine and (RB) Steve's (Slaton), it puts a defense kind of off kilt a little bit."

On the burst he had and doing it in a game instead of practice: "It just felt good. That burst came basically through the rest I had and the treatment that I've been getting to get better back out there. From the practices last week and the week before, I've been kind of building up to that, and hopefully every week and every day I'll just get a little better."

On how he's felt since the game: "I'm fine. Normal aches and pains from playing a game, a football game. That's about it."

On if he expects more reps this coming week: "I honestly don't know. I expect to contribute and help this team out any positive way I can."

On if he minds the role change with RB Steve Slaton having the start and if it was easy to adjust to: "Yeah, I've been dealing with that—a lot of people realize I've been dealing with that since high school because I've been sharing the back field ever since high school. So, it doesn't bother me. It actually excites me because it keeps the defense honest and you've got two different runners interchanging throughout the game. So, somebody is always fresh every third or fourth play which is a good thing when you're playing against an aggressive defense."

On if he can tell a difference when he's fresh and the defense is looking for RB Steve Slaton instead of him: "Oh yeah, you can see that really easy. They know that. Miami definitely is going to look at the film and see that. So, we've got to be ready just as well on the flip side and work on everything that we need to work on to get ready for them."

On how he would describe how far RB Steve Slaton has come and what he's seen so far: "Great. His productivity, his knowledge of the offense. Like I told him when he first got here, the easiest thing you've got to adjust to is the run game. That's going to be the easiest part. The part he's still working on is picking up blitzes, reading the defense and knowing when their going to blitz and stuff like that and knowing when they're going to blitz on the run play what you've got to do for that. So, that's the only part he's still getting better at, but the run game, he's picked it up just like I thought."

On the fine line is between winning and losing: "It's all about attitude and we're getting that attitude game by game. Looking from the outside in and looking at our record, you probably wouldn't say that, but being in the locker room and practicing with these guys here, it's all about building that confidence and getting that attitude no matter what is going on around you in a game or in a given week, in a given day, practice, as long as you have a positive attitude and an attitude that you know you're going to win."

On if the attitude in the Texans locker room is like that of some of the good teams that he was on in Green Bay: "Yeah, it's building. It's something that doesn't come over night, but it comes basically through preparation and discipline."

On not being hurt and completing a full game: "I don't take anything for granted. I was just happy I played and was able to be productive. That was the number one thing. Now, I'm going into my fourth week of practicing full go, so that's going to be good and then, I could definitely help this team out further down the line."

On how much it helped not to rush him back: "It helped out a ton. It was less added pressure there when I could just kind of take my time and physically get better with my body and mentally also to know that they had my back and they knew that it was going to be a process of taking it one day at a time. So, that felt good."

On past success against Miami getting into his head: "It's there because I know what I did, but like you said, they've got a different attitude down there in Miami. They started off the season 0-2, but now went 2-2 in the past couple of weeks. Coming off a bye, they did well against San Diego. So, that's going to be something that I've got to look at and our offense and our defense have got to look because they are playing really good football right now."

On how Miami's offense is looking good with a two-back system and if he thinks the Texans could have something similar to that with himself and RB Steve Slaton: "That's what we're looking forward to. Right now, it worked out the first game. Like I said, we've got to just take one day at a time and want to keep that going. That would be nice."

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