From The Other Side, Part 3

To get the lowdown on the Dolphins' next opponent, the Houston Texans, we checked in with's Charlie Bernstein. In Part 3, we get his take on the matchup as well as a prediction on the game.

Q. What kind of lingering effect, if any, do you see last Sunday's heartbreaking loss to Indy having?

Charlie Bernstein: Last Sunday was a crushing defeat, especially for a team that isn't used to winning in the first place. To lose a game against a team that has completely owned them, as referenced by the Colts' now 12-1 record against the Texans, in front of so many fans who have been waiting so long for the team to be home was just deflating. I would be shocked if they were able to rebound and play well and win a close game.

Q. How big of an impact on the team's performance did the aftereffects of Hurricane Ike have?

CB: I think the team did a solid job of showing up after the hurricane, and they could easily be 2-2, but they didn't make enough plays. I don't think the losses from the storm have really affected them that much on the field, especially the last two weeks.

Q. Give us your prediction, and tell us why?

CB: I fully expect this to be a close game, and the Texans don't usually win close games. Miami should be able to run against the Texans and Ted Ginn will be able to make a few big plays against the Houston secondary. I'm not sure if the Houston offensive line will be able to protect Matt Schaub well enough for him to have success. Final score: Dolphins 24, Texans 17.

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