If Monday night's game against his former team holds special meaning for Coach Dave Wannstedt, he's not letting on.

Monday will mark the first time Wannstedt faces the Bears in a regular season game since they fired him at the end of the 1998 season. Wannstedt spent six seasons as Bears head coach, winning NFC Coach of the Year honors in 1994.

Wannstedt had a 32-32 record in his first four seasons with the Bears, but went 4-12 in 1997 and 1998, and that led to his dismissal.

But Wannstedt said this week he's way too busy worrying about his own team to look back on his Chicago days.

When asked whether Monday night's game might be emotional for him, Wannstedt replied, "No, not really. I think it is far enough removed. Right now, I am engrossed with what we are trying to do right here. My only focus is on our team. I'm just concerned with getting our football team on track and doing what we have to do to get another win."

The feeling is pretty similar when it comes to the Dolphins players.

Said cornerback Sam Madison: "It doesn't matter. He's not out there playing. It's not a factor for him. We've gotta do what we do. They call the plays. He just gets us prepared to the best of his ability. We're going out there taking it as another game, not that this is (Dave's) old team, come on guys, rah, rah, rah, do it for me. We do it for us. That's the way we've got to take each game now."

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