Opponent Opinions: QB Joe Flacco

The Dolphins will be facing a rookie quarterback on Sunday when they take on Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens. The first-round pick talked with the South Florida media this week and discussed his season so far as well as Sunday's matchup.

Here's what Flacco had to say on a variety of subjects:

On if he felt the Dolphins showed a keen interest in him during the draft process: "Yeah, a little bit. I think there were a lot of teams that showed an interest during the draft process. I don't think anybody knows what's going to happen throughout the whole process of the draft or where they're really interested in picking you. They definitely showed a little bit of an interest I thought."

On what he's learning so far this season: "There is a bunch of things to be learned from each game. How to take care of the ball, how important the check downs are, there's a bunch of different things. The game time experience has been good for me. It's been good to be put through all of the different situations that come up in a game."

On how much of a help Cam Cameron has been as an offensive coordinator: "Cam's been great; all of the coaches have been great so far. He develops a game plan that he thinks is going to be successful for me and be successful for us an offense. We obviously have to go out there and do a little bit better of a job than what we've been doing. We're growing as an offense, were growing as a team and Cam has been a great part of that."

On Cam Cameron's approach: "He likes to have you be as interactive as possible in the meeting to figure out as much of it as you can for yourselves. He feels like that's a better way to learn and if you're able to talk your way through it then you'll be better because of it. I think that's been huge in my learning curve."

On if there is any temptation to discount anything Cam Cameron says since he was 1-15 last season: "I pay no attention to the fact that Miami went 1-15 last year. Cam's had great success with quarterbacks and I'm just glad to have him here with me."

On if he's heard the phrase, "Fail, Forward, Fast": "I don't know if I have."

On if the game has slowed down for him: "I think so. I'm starting to see things well. From the first game, I thought I saw things pretty well. Obviously as time goes on I'll get better and better, but I got better in each of the first four games."

On what challenges the Dolphins defense brings: "I started looking at it a little yesterday, started a little bit more today. They've been playing well together. They got a physical group in the secondary and they got a couple big guys on the end. Obviously (Joey) Porter thinks he can get pressure off the end and you got another big guy on the other side (Matt Roth) that is a big guy that wants to get down and play the run and be physical with you. They got (Channing) Crowder in the middle and everybody's been playing well. They play well as a unit and we're going to go out there and be on point."

On how you avoid the pressure Joey Porter has provided on quarterbacks this season: "We have confidence in our line. Obviously, we acknowledge that there's good players on the other side of the ball. We just take the approach that it's all about what we're going to do. We have complete faith in the guys that we have on our line to protect the way that they've been doing all season."

On if there is any talk in the locker room about the Dolphins beating the Ravens last season: "I haven't heard any of it. It may be going on, but I haven't heard a single thing about that."

On what he's learned in defeat: "Obviously we lost the last two weeks. It's always tough when you have a couple losses. We have a chance to really show who we are and show how tough we are. The only way we can do that is to get back after it on Sunday."

On the advantages and disadvantages of starting as a rookie quarterback: "I think the advantage for me is that I'm going to be able to get in there and get as much game time experience as you possibly can and be able to learn from that as much as possible. The disadvantages, I'll leave that for you guys to come up with."

On if his touchdown to interception ratio is part of the rookie learning curve and sometimes not reading the defense: "No, I'm reading the defense. Obviously I've thrown more interceptions that I would have liked to. I think last week it ware more of a bad throws than bad decision kind of thing. I'm seeing the defense really well and obviously we haven't thrown touchdown passes, but we've had a physical run and they've been getting it done. It will all come together for us and I'm not worried about that at this point."

On if any quarterbacks outside the organization mentoring you: "No, not really. There's a couple guys that I talk to, but I don't really talk to any other quarterbacks on a regular basis. Every now and then I may talk to somebody, but not really."

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