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This has been a rather busy week at Dolphins camp, between the whole "what he had to work with" stuff, Joey Porter getting fined and the Dolphins reportedly going after Ty Law. We assess everything that's taken place in preparation for Sunday's game against Baltimore.

-- We'll start with Porter's fine, and the NFL starting to go a little overboard with docking players money. Come on, now.

This is what Porter had to say about the play that got him in trouble, the last-drive play where he hit Matt Schaub's arm but it was ruled an incomplete pass: "... Then I come back again, sack. I swear I just knew he fumbled the ball, so I went and got it. Then they take that away. For the interception, they take that away. I'm like, ‘Man, this is crazy that the same referee staff from all of this other stuff that's been happening was out there.' ... I don't understand why you wouldn't (review the play). I don't really understand why you wouldn't review that play. You reviewed the interception, why wouldn't you review that play? That play was just as big or more so. The first time early in the game when I hit his arm (QB Matt Schaub), I knew he threw it, but that one, he never even got his arm up. They didn't replay it, so I feel I got him. I didn't see it, but I really feel like the game was over then."

That was really critical, wasn't it? That was worth $20,000? The officiating around the NFL has been really bad this season, and the league's way of dealing with it is to clamp down on any coach or player who dares say anything about it.

That's just lame.

Laying down the Law

From what we hear from the good folks in Kansas City, when it comes to Ty Law, the Dolphins should just say no.

Word is he was nothing but mediocre last season with the Chiefs and is nowhere near the elite defensive back he once was. More problematic is the fact that Law has always had the reputation of being a selfish player, something we're told most definitely didn't change in Kansas City.

The timing of it is also strange. If the Dolphins were going to pursue Law, why didn't they do it in the offseason?

Reports suggest Law would rather play for a contender, a team like Dallas or Green Bay. We're inclined to say, good for you, go play for another team.

It's not like the Dolphins can't use the help at cornerback, but Law probably isn't the answer.

The Cam controversy

Much was made of John Harbaugh's comment about what Cameron "had to work with," but was it much ado about nothing? Absolutely.

Look, Harbaugh was put in a tough spot when he was asked about Cameron's coaching ability, and it shouldn't be surprising that he would go on about what a great coach Cameron is -- considering the guy is on his staff.

That was the laughable part about the whole comment, that Cameron has been a great coach wherever he's been. He clearly wasn't a great coach in Miami.

He also clearly didn't have much to work with last season, although it needs to be pointed out he was working in unison with GM Randy Mueller on the personnel, so he's partly to blame in that respect, too.

Vonnie Holliday and Channing Crowder both took a shot at Cameron when they responded to the comment by commenting on what "we had to work with," but that was pride talking.

The truth is Harbaugh did what was expected in praising his coach, but he made a mistake with the "what had to work with" line. Instead, he should have just said -- if he insisted on saying Cameron did a great job -- "under difficult circumstances."

The choice of words maybe was unfortunate and it made for a good story, but it really wasn't that big a deal.

Then again, anything becomes a big story in this day and age when the media always is looking for something to grab attention.

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