Final Game 6 Observations

Tuesday is the off day in the NFL, the day before preparations begin for the next game. It's also an opportunity to take a final look back at the most recent game, in this case the Dolphins' 27-13 loss to the Baltimore Ravens at Dolphin Stadium.

-- Wildcat, Wildcat, Wildcat. There, we said it three times, so now we can move on. Seriously, it's almost getting annoying how everything about the Dolphins seems to revolve around the Wildcat. Look, it wasn't the reason the Dolphins beat New England and San Diego, just like it wasn't the reason the Dolphins to Baltimore.

-- That said, the Dolphins got beat because they didn't win at the line of scrimmage, because they failed to cash on two trips inside the red zone and because they gave up a defensive touchdown.

-- Sadly, Chad Pennington has to shoulder a lot of the blame. The Terrell Suggs touchdown is obvious, but he also missed Anthony Fasano in the end zone on the first drive of the game, he strangely checked to a running play on third-and-11 from the Baltimore 12 on the drive after the Suggs touchdown, and he also decided to run a quarterback sneak on second-and-16 from the Dolphins 42. Not one of his better efforts.

-- Then again, he's still tons better than what the Dolphins have had at quarterback in recent years.

-- For those who keep clamoring for the Dolphins to throw the ball downfield, do you really think the Dolphins have any receiver who can beat a cornerback deep? Didn't think so.

-- We have no problem with the Dolphins building up the offensive and defensive lines in this year's draft, but if a cornerback and a wide receiver aren't taken early next April, we're going to have a problem.

-- Very disturbing to see Willis McGahee run through the Dolphins defense with Jason Ferguson out of the lineup in the second half. Not very encouraging considering Marshawn Lynch is coming to Miami this weekend. Keith Traylor, where are you?

-- How bad can Ernest Wilford possibly be looking in practice for him not to be able to get on the field on Sundays? Yeah, we know, he doesn't contribute on special teams, but this wide receiver corps needs help. Badly. Ted Ginn Jr. continues to be baffling, a speed guy who's being used like a possession receiver.

-- It's rather disappointing to see nobody other than Joey Porter provide any kind of pass rush. He's got 8.5 sacks on the season; the rest of the team has 7.5. Not good.

-- We've said it before, we'll say it again: The 3-4 defense is designed for the linebackers to make the big plays. Other than Porter, who is doing that for the Dolphins. Channing Crowder? A little bit. Akin Ayodele? Nope. Matt Roth? Good game against San Diego, but way too little outside of that. This is another position that will need to be addressed in the offseason.

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