Opponent Opinions: S Donte Whitner

Bills safety Donte Whitner is a former teammate of Ted Ginn Jr. at Ohio State, which means he's clearly looking forward to Sunday's game at Dolphin Stadium. Whitner talked on Wednesday about his relationship with Ginn and stopping Ronnie Brown and the Wildcat offense, among other things, and here's what he had to say.

On if he has talked to Ted Ginn, Jr. about the upcoming game: No, we haven't. Actually, I haven't spoken to him in a couple days, since Saturday night. You can bet I'll be talking to him tonight, trying to pick his brain a little bit, trying to trick him into telling me some stuff. Actually, I'll give him a call as soon as I get out of here. Not only because we're playing him this week, but he's been having a little struggle down there as far as finding out who he is and his role on that team. He was even removed from punt returns and kickoff returns. I know that's tough for him, I know he'll work and try to get back out there. Even last game, he played a lot, so we're looking forward to seeing him out there on the field.

On defending Ronnie Brown: They use their Wildcat offense, they use his arm and he's a left-handed guy. He's thrown it a couple times. I don't know if he wants to make a living throwing the football or not, but he threw it a couple times and he handed it off to Ricky (Williams). As far as when he keeps the ball, there's no set place for him to run with it. It's almost like backyard football. After he fakes it, he finds a hole, he hits it and we have to do a good job on stopping that. It's been a big part of their offense for the past couple of weeks and they scored a couple touchdowns. They add a new wrinkle every week, so we have to be prepared and understand what they're trying to do to us and do a good job of stopping them.

On if the Wildcat offense setup just follows the flow of the play: Oh, no. They have a few wrinkles off of that. He can either hand it off to Ricky and allow Ricky to run or he can keep it and run it himself. They'll put another guy out there and he'll keep it and pitch the option. He'll keep it and the quarterback will jump back and he'll pitch it and the quarterback will step back and throw it. They have a lot of different variations of that play and it's all about reading your keys because they have six or seven different options on that, but it's all about reading your keys. If we read our keys and we're physical, then we should do a good job.

On how much of a challenge it is to prepare to deal with their offense: They have a lot of things out there. They do a lot of trick plays that you have to deal with, not just the Wildcat formation. Actually, they're a lot better team than they were last year. They play hard. It reminds me of us the past couple years. People don't really give you a chance to win football games, you go out there, you play hard, you play physical and you have an opportunity to win some of those games. They went to New England and they beat New England and that was the first game they put the Wildcat offense in and even with Baltimore last week. Baltimore had to come out and stop that offense. Miami will put up a lat of yards. They're not putting up a lot of points, but they're putting up a lot of yards right now and that's something to worry about. We're working on it. We worked on it a lot today and we're going to continue to work on the other phases of their offense also, because it's a lot more than just the Wildcat that they put out there on the field.

On if the offense runs through Ronnie Brown: I would say so. Ronnie Brown is the engine that runs it. Ricky is the change-up back, but Ronnie has everything he had before he left with the injury. He has all of his mobility back and his speed and power. He brings his hips on contact, so we're going to have to gang-tackle him. Ronnie is the guy that runs that offense and Chad is the guy that brings the calmness to everything that goes on as far as getting the ball out to the right people and getting them to the right play. Last year, they had some times out there that they weren't in the right play and bad things happened. Chad gets them into the right play and gives them the opportunity to be successful.

On having success against Chad Pennington and if that translates to another team: Not much. It's a totally different offense from what he had up in New York. Personnel, they're kind of young at the receiver spot, so Chad has been doing a great job. He's been operating the offense up and down the field and he has only three interceptions on the season. They don't turn the ball over a lot and they rely on their defense, so they're not ashamed to kick the ball, punt the ball and let their defense go out there and play, so we're going have to get some turnovers this week. We're going to have to force them into some mistakes and stop the running game once again to set up everything we want to do as a defensive unit.

On if a team takes a risk putting their quarterback out at wide receiver: They are taking a risk and nobody's really been out there and really harassed that quarterback being out at wide receiver. I don't know if we want to do that this week. We have to really take a look at the rulebook to make sure that you can really harass those guys out there. We don't want to get anybody in trouble or anything like that, but he is out there and I think the rule says that once a guy is lined up out there, he should be treated as a receiver. Any other receiver in this league, you have an opportunity to get your hands on him and rough him up, you want to, so we have to take a look at that.

On the quick passing game of Chad Pennington: He's the same guy. He gets the ball out and puts the ball on receivers where it's supposed to be. He's not going to make a lot of mistakes. He gets them in and out on the right play. Whether it's a run and they got to the open side, closed side, whether three technique is shaded, whatever he has to do to get them into the right play, he's doing it. He throws a lot of quick passes and allows the guys to try and make plays for them on the outside and we're looking forward to going down to Miami. Last time we went to Miami, we won a good game down there. We had to comeback in the fourth quarter and we want to get out there and start fast.

On playing multiple positions: I would like it to continue. I think it's going to continue. Everything that we've done in practice shows that we still have some of those variation with me playing nickel to going back to strong and free safety, so we have a lot of things that we can do. Terrence (McGee) is back, looking pretty good at corner and Ashton (Youboty) is pretty healthy. He didn't do too much today, but he's feeling a lot better and whatever coach wants me to do, whatever they ask me to do, whether it's nickel, free, whatever, I'll do it, so we can win football games and that's all that matters.

On if he was playing free safety today: A lot of free today. It just gives me the opportunity to make a play on some of those balls and some of those receivers coming across the middle. Just be physical and that's what I like to do and help some of the corners get lined up and just mention some of the things that we're supposed to be thing about pre-snap. Since I'm in the middle, I get to do some of those things and that's what I've been doing and I'm having fun doing it. Ko was out there today, and Bryan (Scott), and George (Wilson), and we have a variation of guys that we can put on the field together.

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