Ricky Williams is on pace to set a new Dolphins record for rushing attempts in a season, but that doesn't mean there should be major concern about his wearing down in the final weeks of the regular season.

Williams sure didn't look like somebody who was running out of gas when he set a franchise single-game rushing record last Sunday at Buffalo with 228 yards against Buffalo.

On the contrary, Williams is coming off three straight outstanding performances and he just might be getting stronger — or remaining as fresh while everybody else is feeling the effects of a long season.

Either way, Williams isn't concerned about running out of gas.

"I feel good," Williams said this week. "I feel well enough to do my job. And that is what it comes down to. This time of the year, especially forus, we need to get some wins. It's going to be fun."

The idea of Williams getting worn down was brought up this week because his rushing totals fell dramatically in the last month of the season last year while he was playing for New Orleans.

But what must be pointed out is that the Saints were horrible down the stretch last year and because they were always falling behind they had to throw the ball a lot because they were often in a catch-up mode.

"In the last four games, I didn't even carry the ball but 10 times, and we were losing," Williams said. "If I was worn out, I don't think anyone could have noticed because I never had a chance to really carry the ball."

The bottom line is that Williams is a strong back, he's still only 25 years old, so the idea of him wearing down actually is kind of silly at this stage in his career.

Again, did Williams look like a guy who was wearing down the way he ran last Sunday?

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