Opponent Opinions: QB Trent Edwards

Quarterback Trent Edwards' emergence is a big reason the Buffalo Bills are off to a surprising 5-1 start this season. Edwards, a 2007 third-round pick who played with Dolphins wide receiver Greg Camarillo at Stanford, discussed Sunday's game at Miami in a conference call with South Florida reporters.

Here's a transcript of what Edwards had to say on various topics:

On the team and himself playing better than most expected: "It's been nice is having the offense, the defense and the special teams all kind of work together this season. When we need the special teams to make a big play, they make a big play. When we needed the defense to step up, Kawika Mitchell, makes a big play for us. When the offense needs to step up, we've been able to do that at times. It's a credit to the five games that we've won and it's because of that and were not putting us in a bad spot. Were trying to maintain drives, to keep our defense off the field and try to get good field position in the special teams game and try not to turn the ball over as well and convert on third down. We've done for the most part a good job of that and that's translated into some tough wins for us too."

On the comeback wins and his fourth-quarter passing: "It's kind of having a little more sense of an urgency in the fourth quarter and realizing that we still have something left in the tank, that we still have plays in our playbook left to be made. That's really what it comes down to. Obviously time is running down, it's down to crunch time, there's a little bit more pressure, but guys are still sustaining blocks for us and being accurate with the football. Guys like our receivers, running backs and tight ends are making catches and making plays for us. When that happens, it's nice you can win games in the fourth quarter by doing that."

On how aware he's going to have to be of Joey Porter and what he's seen from him on film: "You always got to be aware of him. I think he has something like eight, eight and a half sacks so far this season. We're going to try to get our matchup of our O-Linemen blocking him, one of our tackles, but sometimes we're going to have to put our running backs on him and that's where he's gotten some of his sacks have come on running backs. It's also been beating some offensive tackles, too, but we've just got to be aware of him. I've been impressed with their defense as a whole. I know they beat the Patriots pretty well and I know they beat the Chargers pretty good too. I'm expecting a 60-minute dogfight out of them, especially out of Joey Porter too."

On what he's improved in his personal game: "I just feel like I understand this offense and what needs to be done at this position in this offense a little bit better. I'm going through reads and I'm not going through plays that I don't know. I know a majority, if not all of these plays in this playbook now, where last season there was enough struggle to get calls out of the huddle. I struggled to get calls in before the play clock was done and not knowing where guys are. Now it's just were more in rhythm, we know where were going with the football in different coverages. You've seen those different defensive looks versus these plays, you can react a little bit faster and you can use that experience that you have to your advantage and are able to feel a little bit better and a little bit more efficient with the offense."

On his chemistry with Lee Evans and how the deep ball has opened up the offensive attack: "Lee Evans, I talk every week about him. He deserves a lot more credit than what he gets. I know he may want to fly a little bit under the radar here, but he's come up with tough catches for us. I'm not always on the numbers every time with him. When it's not, he somehow finds a way to get his hands on the football. Take for instance, the catch he made on (Quentin) Jammer in the corner of the end zone this past Sunday. There's not a lot of receivers in this league that can make that catch. As a quarterback, to have a guy like that can make that catch and make your stats look good, he demands a lot of attention, a lot of coverage and that opens up all our other offensive weapons too with Marshawn (Lynch) and Fred (Jackson) and Rob (Royal) and Roscoe (Parrish) and all of those guys in our offense and Lee too."

On his relationship with Greg Camarillo and if he foresaw what he's doing now in the NFL: "I call him Cams. I loved having that guy at Stanford with me. We've been through some tough days at Stanford. I tell this story to everyone that Greg Camarillo walked on at Stanford as a punter, asked Tyrone Willingham if he could go into the wide receiver drills and wound up earning a scholarship his junior and senior year. But he never caught a touchdown pass I don't believe in high school or in college. And the first touchdown he caught was on a deep post last year in Cam Cameron's offense against the Ravens, Weeks 15 or 16. That won the football game in overtime for them. I was so happy for Greg in that game and I'm so happy that he's doing so well this year. I saw him run a little corner post route, I believe on Quentin Jammer, down in the red zone and Chad (Pennington) hit him. I know he got a lot of satisfaction out of beating the Chargers because I know he'd been on the practice squad for a number of years. I know I'm long-winded here, but I love Greg Camarillo and I wish he was here in Buffalo too. I feel like he would fit well in this offense too. They have a great wide receiver in him."

On the impact offensive coordinator Turk Schonert's had on him: "The nice thing about having Turk around this year is that he's the same guy as he was last year, but now he's the coordinator, he's obviously calling plays. I just feel like it's nice he has a lot of carry-over. The terminology is the same as last year. That's one thing that can help me from year one to year two. I'm not learning a brand new offense with brand new play calls. I can call back in the huddle this year and not have to learn a new system. Turk's done a great job of managing our offense, getting a great game plan each week for us and red zone, third down, base pass plays, run game, it's all gone pretty well for us for the most part. A lot of that has to do with Turk."

On if he's gotten the message from the Buffalo fans about how they love to beat Miami: "I was just talking to the media here and they always ask me, ‘Is this a rivalry game?' I struggle with that question just because I wasn't really a Bills fan growing up and I'm not really from the Buffalo area. You hear stories of Bills-Dolphins games, but we played two pretty intense games last year and fortunately we were able to win. I don't know if that makes it any more of a rivalry game. I think that's really up to the fans to decide. I don't know if the Dolphins are going to play any harder or try to make this got to be a rivalry game. I don't know if we are, I think we're going to come out just as hard as we would any other game. Hopefully we can sneak out of Miami with a win too."

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