Opponent Opinions: QB Jay Cutler

Denver quarterback Jay Cutler got off to a tremendous start this season, but has cooled down a bit in recent games. He also sustained a finger injury in the Broncos' last game, a 41-7 loss at New England in a Monday night game. Cutler talked about the Broncos' injury situation and the matchup against the Dolphins in interviews with writers in Miami and Denver.

Here's what Cutler had to say:

On the finger he injured during the New England game: "My finger is good. I got lucky, but it feels pretty good, though."

On having key members of the offense back on the field after injuries: "We are getting those guys back (WRs Eddie Royal and Brandon Stokley) and maybe getting (TE) Tony (Scheffler) back. It helps our offense with what we are trying to do, and it doesn't limit us."

On if his finger is affecting his throws: "Right now, no. I am good."

On his relationship with Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal and how the passing game has been effective so far: "We started off pretty hot the first three or four games and then some teams started doing some stuff to us coverage-wise. Then Brandon got a little banged up, Eddie got a little banged up and we missed Tony (Scheffler) and Brandon Stokley. We haven't been full force since the first two or three games, which has kind of hurt us. Eddie came in, in the offseason and then in training camp and did a great job for us. Me and Brandon, I always know where he's at and he always knows how to get open and what coverages he's going to get and how to work it."

On how much film on Joey Porter he watched: "I've watched a lot. He's a force off the edge. We were just talking about him. You kind of anticipate where he's at because he gets a lot of pressure. That whole defense is doing a great of forcing fumbles and turnovers and making things happen. They're a good group. They're solid."

On how much of a luxury having Brandon for him and how he takes advantage of it during a game: "If you've got one on one matchups with Brandon that typically where you want to go with the ball because he's so big and he's so fast. It's hard for corners to match up against someone. He's got a really good understanding for what we're trying to do scheme wise and how to get open. Any time we see a matchup that we like we're definitely going to try to take advantage of it."

On how productive the bye week was: "It was huge. We've been kind of on a slide these last four games and we were really banged up, offensively and defensively. To lose a game like that in New England in that fashion is always tough. Just to get away for a little bit, everyone get refreshed and get ready for the second half of the season and heal up a little bit, it was good timing for us."

On if the defensive struggling has been frustrating for him: "We've turned the ball over a lot the last four games, which has put the defense in bad situations. Having three, four turnovers per game and a lot of fumbles is never a good thing. We've taken opportunities away from us to score and put the defense in a bind. If we limit our turnovers I think we'll be fine."

On what type of respect he has for Chad Pennington: "He came in late to that offense and kind of had to learn it on the run and just go out there and start playing. Chad's that type of guy. He's a smart guy. He's a brainy guy. He's going to go in and grind and watch a lot of film and learn the offense. For him to step in right there away and take over the reins and do what he's done and manage the game as well as he has, it's just a testament to what kind of player he is."

On how much Ryan Clady's presence at tackle helped him this year: "We've got a young line, especially the tackle positions. We've got some veterans inside to help those guys out a lot and tell them what's going on. But those two tackles, they've done a phenomenal job. You couldn't ask any more from young guys to step in there and play at a high level this way. Ryan on the left side, I've got a lot of confidence in him. I've never really worried about blind-side stuff anymore because any time he's one on one he's going to win."

On what kind of loss is Champ Bailey to the team: "It's a huge loss. You can't replace Champ Bailey with one person. There's no one else in the league who we could bring in and do the things that he does for us, defensively, on the field and off the field. The defense has to come together and find a way to fill that void with Champ out. It's going to be tough for them. But I've got faith. They can do it."

On if Denver still has the home field advantage they've had for years: "I think we do. We usually typically play well at home, especially this year. The crowds are behind us and they've really done a great job of coming out and supporting us. I think we feel comfortable. I know we've got our hands full this week, but we'll see what happens."

On if there is an effect as far as throwing the football at that altitude: "Yeah, I think so. I think the ball carries a little bit more. I think it's more evident with kickers and punters of what kind of yardage they can get. We've thrown some deeper balls and some comebacks. It's slight, you'll notice slightly, but it's not anything that's going to affect Chad."

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