From The Other Side, Part 3

To get the lowdown on the Dolphins' next opponent, the Denver Broncos, we checked in with's Michael Schon. In Part 3, we get his take on the game along with a prediction on the outcome.

Q: How much of a home-field advantage, if at all, is INVESCO Field?

Michael Schon: For years Denver had one of the biggest home advantage factors in the entire league, now thanks to a shiny new stadium, a giant leap in ticket prices and a team that's pretty much accomplished nothing since Elway left, that advantage has defiantly taken a step backwards. When the team is on, the place rocks, but unlike past years, it's not an advantage anyone's got to worry about.

Q: What's the mood of the Broncos entering this game?

MS: Right now Denver's mood is best summed up as confusion — almost down to a man. Nothing seems to be working defensively and it's forced the offense to shoulder the load and run and gun, just to outscore everyone they face. Ironically, every professional sports team in Denver is suffering the same affliction ie. Nuggets, Avalanch and Rockies. It's like nobody in Colorado knows how to play defense.

Q: Who do you think will win the game, and why?

MS: I'm almost scared to ride with the Broncos on this one — coming off a bye week, sitting on top of the AFC West it might seem like a no-brainer, but you've got to remember these are the 2008 Denver Broncos and without a few lucky breaks and a referee screw up, they easily be 2-5 and sitting in the basement instead of 4-3. This might be the first team in history win the division by default. I'm sticking with the oddsmakers and think it'll be pretty close — praying it comes down to Matt Prater from the 50-yard line. Broncos pull it off 20-17 …

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