There really isn't any reason the Dolphins shouldn't get back on the right track Monday night when they face the struggling Chicago Bears. But the Bears have won the last two matchups in this series. Here's how we think this game will unfold.

Even though he denied it last week, this figures to be an emotional game for Dave Wannstedt, who coached the Bears for six years before being fired after the 1998 season. This marks his first regular season game against his former team.

One thing is in favor is that he goes in with the much better team Monday night.

The Dolphins are a better team than Chicago across the board, and seemingly only have to avoid big mistakes to leave Pro Player Stadium with a victory Monday night.

Jay Fiedler gets the start at quarterback for the first time since Oct. 13, and that should make a difference on offense.

Expect the Dolphins to keep things simple for Fiedler while he works his way back into midseason form.

That means a heavy dose of Ricky Williams and a lot of safe passes, either to fullback Rob Konrad or tight end Randy McMichael.

If the Bears decide to cheat up, then Fiedler will take a couple of shots downfield with James McKnight or Chris Chambers.

That's something the Dolphins didn't do at all last Sunday at Buffalo, and it wound up hurting them.

There's no reason to think the Dolphins won't have as much success offensively as they did in their last two home games against Baltimore and San Diego.

On the other side of the ball, the Bears simply can't run the ball, and that will be especially true with Leon Johnson starting at halfback.

The pass rush, which has been on fire lately, could have a field day against a battered offensive line and an immobile quarterback like Jim Miller.

The Dolphins are totally different on defense at home, and they shut down Baltimore and San Diego to the tune of seven and three points. Look for something similar Monday night.

If it sounds like we're very confident about this matchup, it's because we are.

The Dolphins have some difficult tests down the stretch, but this really shouldn't be one of them.

The call: Dolphins 27, Bears 7.

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