Never Caught On

Fingers have been pointed at free agent acquisition Ernest Wilford for his lack of production since the start of the regular season, but he's not the only wide receiver who has been a major disappointment. Another was Derek Hagan, and the Dolphins have decided that he's had enough chances.

Hagan officially was waived on Wednesday, with Coach Tony Sparano saying the move was made to make room on the roster for offensive tackle Brandon Frye, who was signed off Houston's practice squad.

While we have no problem buying the notion that Frye was worth signing based on the long-term potential the Dolphins saw in him, it's clear Hagan wouldn't have gone anywhere if he had come close to living up to the expectations that came with his being selected in the third round of the 2006 draft.

But that's the problem. Hagan never did do anything to make any of his three head coaches -- Nick Saban, Cam Cameron and Sparano -- believed he could be a productive NFL wide receiver on a consistent basis.

Hagan certainly looks the part, at 6-2, 215, and he runs well enough -- he's definitely faster than highly productive Greg Camarillo, for example.

But things just never seemed to click for Hagan, who ended his Dolphins days with 53 catches and three touchdowns in 36 games.

Hagan did flash some ability at times, including this summer when he was lining up with the first-team offense for a while.

But while Camarillo started coming on and catching everything thrown his way, Hagan began doing what he did in his two full seasons: follow one catch with one drop.

He simply was never a guy the Dolphins could depend on, and that never changed throughout the course of his stay in Miami.

Hagan arrived in Miami after a well-publicized case of the dropsies at the Senior Bowl, but he just wanted everyone to believe it was merely an isolated occurrence.

Turns out it wasn't.

Because of his inconsistency and the face he doesn't contribute on special teams, Hagan played in only one of the last five games, this despite the fact the wide receiver corps includes three players who entered the NFL as undrafted free agents.

It's yet another black mark on the team's recent drafting record. Hagan was picked with the 82nd overall selection in 2006; instead, the Dolphins could have selected linebacker Freddy Keiaho, linebacker Gerris Wilkinson, tight end Owen Daniels or guard Jahri Evans.

Hagan's release means that only two of the team's six draft picks from 2006 are still with the team. One of them is Jason Allen, who has started to come on at his new position at cornerback. The other is defensive end Rodrique Wright, who has been inactive every game this season.

That's what you call a really bad draft. Then again, you don't keep a player just to make a previous draft look better.

The bottom line is Hagan had been in Miami for two-plus seasons and it was clear he was never going to be a major contributor.

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