Opponent Opinions: QB Seneca Wallace

Seahawks quarterback Seneca Wallace has been in the spotlight since taking over the injured Matt Hasselbeck. There's word that Hasselbeck could be back soon, but Wallace will be the starter Sunday when Seattle plays the Dolphins. He talked about Sunday's matchup and other topics this week.

Here were Wallace's thoughts on a variety of topics:

On how it feels to be the starting quarterback and how he's handling the pressure: "I feel good. I wish we were winning, but it feels good. We're just working and just trying to grind and get through things, but everything's going fine."

On what he thinks about the Miami Dolphin defense and Joey Porter and how he's playing: "They're playing good. They're a physical team, big physical team. They can cause some things for the offensive line, but they're playing good. We've got our hands full and we've got to make sure we come down there ready to play."

On the Dolphins secondary: "They're a good secondary. We've got to really be ready to go and play. Like I said, they're whole defense is playing pretty well right now and they're secondary, we've got to be able to try to attack them down the field if we can and hold up up front because they have a good D-Line. But, we've got our hands full this week."

On their fourth trip to the East Coast: "Another long trip. We've been handling them pretty well and we just prepare all week long and hydrate well. We've definitely got to do that on the long trips. Especially going down to Miami where it's probably pretty humid down there right now."

On the mentally of the team with Holmgren not being there next year and how they keep bringing it every Sunday: "Because it's our job and we've got a lot of pride. Our last names are on the backs of our jerseys and we've got to go out and keep playing. Regardless of what's going on with injuries or whatever it may be, we feel we still have to go out and play, and that's what everybody is doing."

On the injuries on the offense: "Obviously, it's just our receivers. The receivers that are stepping in now are doing a great job. But it's tough in this offense because it's the time in offense, it's a rhythm offense and with guys who haven't been here, it makes it difficult. But they're stepping in and they're doing a great job. But we're missing some of the returners from last year on here, Nate (Burleson) and Deion (Branch), but we've got to keep trying to grind and keep trying to get better every week."

On how tough it was at the beginning of the season with a lot of WRs falling to injury: "It's tough. It's part of the business. You never what anybody to get hurt but they were falling. We were falling like flies. But it's tough. And like I said, the next man on practice squad got to step in and play or a guy off the street or whoever it may be. We've got to step in and try to win and try to compete and it's difficult. It's difficult for a quarterback, It's difficult for the offense. Difficult for the head coach to call plays. So, it's been rough but we're still out here, still working and trying to get better."

On Julius Jones fitting in with the offense: "He fit in from the first day he stepped in. He's a hard worker. He steps on the field every time. He's ready to play. [He's a] physical guy. He's been a great attribute to our team."

On what the offense has been like in Seattle and if he would want to be used as a dual-threat quarterback like he was at Iowa State: "We haven't done too much. I've seen the things that Miami is doing. We haven't really done that. We're a true West Coast team and that's what we love do and that's what Mike (Holmgren) loves to do and right now we're just working this West Coast offense and trying to get it done."

On using the Wildcat offense: "It would be nice, but no, we haven't done that yet. Haven't done that."

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