Opponent Opinions: RB Justin Fargas

Daunte Culpepper's three rushing touchdowns is what most remember about Oakland's 35-17 victory at Dolphin Stadium last September. But it was a huge day for running back Justin Fargas, who rushed for 179 yards in what was his breakout performance in the NFL. Fargas talked to South Florida media this week and looked back on that day as well as looking ahead to Sunday's matchup.

On if it is true that he ‘owns' the Dolphins: "I own the Dolphins? No, not at all."

On his feelings from last year's game against the Dolphins: "It was a good feeling; it was a breakout game for me last year. I enjoyed playing in Miami, just in that stadium. We played there in the Orange Bowl my senior year. I have good memories of football there."

On if that game kick started his career: "A little bit. It was in my fifth year so I couldn't say it kick started it, but it was definitely a breakout game. It was an opportunity for me to show our organization and this team that I can carry the load if needed. Up to that point, that's what I really needed and what I really wanted to do."

On what he sees differently from the Dolphins defense on tape: "Just in the film I've seen and watching some of their televised games, it seems like a completely different team. They're playing together as a team more, playing with a passion. It looks like a completely improved defense."

On if he feels that Darren McFadden and he will be available on Sunday: "I'm hoping so. I hope all of us will be ready. I think he'll be ready. I'm just trying to prepare the best I can."

On the reaction in the locker room when DeAngelo Hall was released: "It was a shock to me. It wasn't something I saw coming. I was pretty much in shock like everybody else."

On how much difference Tom Cable calling the plays will make: "The bottom line is just winning games. We're just trying to do whatever it takes to win a game. I'm going to run the plays as called, no matter who's calling them. I'm sure Coach Cable will do a good job."

On if it‘s tough to stay focused on the field with what has happened off the field: "I think, overall, as a group it is. It's a little bit challenging. I've been here for awhile and seen a lot of things, so I've learned pretty much how to deal with it. Really, all you can do is show up and put your all into your work and your preparation. A lot of the outside distractions and things that go on, it is tough for a team to stay completely focused, especially with young guys that really don't know any different."

On if the Wildcat formation exclusive to Darren McFadden when he's in: "When we do it, we're all in the game together, so there are a few different options for each of us. Him being out for the last few weeks, we haven't been able to do it so much."

On what he thinks about the Wildcat formation as a player: "I like it. I like creativity in the offense and finding new ways to get playmakers the ball. I see the Dolphins running it and it seems like a trend around the league; a lot of people are trying to implement it. I think it's exciting."

On if he subscribes to the theory about West Coast teams struggling when they travel to the East Coast: "I try not to think about it too much. It is different taking that long trip, but it's a football game. No matter the weather, the condition, the time, they're going to kick it off, we're going to play. We just have to be prepared."

On if he feels the Raiders aren't given respect because of the team's off the field problems: "That's the tough thing about it just because we have so many good football players on this team. The team isn't made up of losers. There are winners on this team, guys that play the game the right way, the way it should be played. From the outside, people probably take us lightly and things like that, but on the field, all you can do is go out there and get the respect of your teammates and the opposition. When opponents shake your hand after the game and say, ‘you played hard', that's all you can ask for."

On if he notices Dolphins safety Yeremiah Bell much on film: "We're looking at all of the guys from the linebackers and the secondary. In the running back room, we study the backers a little bit more than the secondary and everything. I'm seeing guys out there making plays."

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