A Painful Memory

The Oakland Raiders have had more than their share of misery over the last several years, but one of their brightest days in recent memory came last season at the expense of the Dolphins. And don't think Joey Porter and the other returning members of last year's Miami defense have forgotten about that 35-17 loss at Dolphin Stadium.

What most fans remember about that game was Daunte Culpepper's triumphant homecoming, which included him rushing for three touchdowns and passing for a fourth.

What Porter and his buddies remember more is the Raiders rushing for 299 yards that day.

"That left a sour taste in my mouth," said Porter. "It's never happened on a defense I've played on. It happened to us last year, so we're definitely geared up to go out there. If we don't do anything, we're going to make sure that we take away the run."

The loss to Oakland in late September left the Dolphins with an 0-4 record on their way to a 1-15 finish.

But Porter wasn't ready to call that loss the toughest to swallow.

"No, all of them were tough for me," he said. "You can pick, we lost 15 of them. That was tough to swallow just because on defense, you're not a very good defense if you let somebody run the ball for 300 yards, period. To have guys like that run for 300 yards on you, it's kind of embarrassing.

"I'm one of the guys that are still here from that defense, (Channing) Crowder, Vonnie (Holliday); all of the guys that were here remember that. We walked off the field not feeling good about ourselves, never. To give up 100 yards rushing is tough, to give up 300 yards on the ground, that's just ridiculous."

This is obviously a new Dolphins defense Oakland will face this season, and the odds of Justin Fargas rushing for 179 yards again, for example, would appear slim.

As proof, the most rushing yards the Dolphins have allowed all season was the 139 gained by Baltimore a month ago.

"We're definitely not the team we were last year," said Porter, "and we're definitely not the defense we were last year."

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