Some of Jay Fiedler's biggest highs and lows during his career with the Dolphins have come against the Oakland Raiders, the team he will face this Sunday.

One of the low points of Fiedler's career came in the playoff game at Oakland two seasons ago. The Dolphins drove deep into Raiders territory on the opening possession of the game, but Fiedler then threw an ill-fated pass toward O.J. McDuffie and cornerback Tory James stepped in front of it and returned the pick 90 yards for a touchdown.

The Dolphins never recovered from that blow and wound up getting spanked 27-0.

Then there was the high of last season's great finish at Pro Player Stadium when Fiedler dove into the end zone to complete a 2-yard touchdown run with five seconds left and give the Dolphins a dramatic 18-15 victory.

The picture of Fiedler raising his right arm triumphantly in the end zone made the cover of Sports Illustrated.

With the Raiders in town this weekend, Fiedler was asked about his previous experiences against Al Davis' bunch.

"I would rather not talk about the one before the last," Fiedler said. "We went out there and basically got our butts kicked. There was no sugarcoating that one. It was a bad loss for us in a playoff game.

"Last year we came back and had a big game early in the season against them and really set the tone for our season in that win coming with the two-minute drive. Going down the field and winning at the end of the game gave us a lot of confidence heading into the middle of the season."

Those games are now in the past, but Fiedler is well aware he will need to come up big Sunday if the Dolphins are to snap Oakland's five-game winning streak.

Oakland has been very successful at stopping the run the last few weeks, and Coach Dave Wannstedt said this week he expected the Raiders to focus their defensive game plan on stopping Ricky Williams.

"I've always been the type of player that's going to take what the defense gives me," Fiedler said. "If the defense stacks up against Ricky, then we're going to have to make some plays in the passing game, and we know that. Chris Chambers and James McKnight and Dedric (Ward) are going to have to get open and I'm going to have to put my passes on the money."

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