Opponent Opinions: DE Chris Long

Before they went with Jake Long as the first overall pick in the 2008 draft, there were reports the Dolphins might instead choose Virginia defensive end Chris Long. The Dolphins will get a close look at Long this Sunday when they face the Rams in St. Louis. In a conference call with South Florida media, Long discussed Sunday's matchup as well as his thoughts on Jake Long.

Here's what Chris Long had to say on those and other topics:

On if he had any indication or impression that the Dolphins were going to select him with the first pick: "I'm not under any impression like that until it happens. Knowing the nature of the business, I kind of just sat back and let it take its course. I never was really under the impression they were going to pick me."

On having a lot of meetings with the Dolphins: "I would think the standard amount of meetings. A range of a couple of things here and there. Knowing you're going to go in the top 3-6 picks everybody meets with you."

On how much he interacted with Jake Long: "I know Jake real well."

On if Jake is pretty quiet: "Jake? No, you've got to get him in the right. He's got a big personality. I think they're seeing that down there. He's going to be a cornerstone of that franchise for a while. I think it's good to see him doing so well down there and it's just going to be fun."

On what he sees when he studies Jake on film: "It's another good offensive tackle that I'm facing here. I've kind of been blessed enough to be able to play some of the best this year over there on the right side and get each teams' best tackle. It will be no different this week. He's just been able to jump right in and be another premier tackle."

On how he met Jake: "Just through various functions postseason and then through everything. When you're in same class coming out in the draft and going to a lot of the same banquets and award shows you kind of get to spend a lot of time."

On Jake's big personality and how it meshes with his personality: "He's just a cool dude. He's a guy, I think, if you asked his teammates down there I'm pretty sure they'd say he's a team guy and he's sociable and he's probably meshing great down there."

On if people got them confused: "To tell you the truth people don't really know. We end up in the banquets and I've actually had three people in the last two weeks ask me if I was Jake. I'm not that well known. It's fine with me if people want to ask me if I'm Jake and I'm not lying I'll tell you I'm not Jake. I think I got asked at the mall a couple of days ago and then at Niketown one time earlier this year. I can distinctly remember a couple of situations and they're fans."

On how tough the season has been team wise: "It's tough. Nobody is used to losing. Even if you lost before it hurts real bad to lose a lot of games. I've never lost this many games, but we still have a chance to do some good things here and finish up on the right track. I've got a lot to learn and I've got a lot to that I can go on as an individual and a rookie. I can get a lot out of this."

On if he imagines what life would have been like if he went to Miami instead of St. Louis: "I don't really think like that. You've got to live in the moment. You've got to live in the now. When that didn't happen, I had no reservations about where I wanted to go and that's just me being honest. I just ended up where I ended up and I'm happy in St. Louis."

On how much his dad Howie Long helped him adjust to the NFL: "A lot, but he was never overbearing with the whole process, which I appreciate because I could imagine some people in a similar situation might want to make it more about them and that wasn't really my dad. That's not his M.O. So, for me, I got a lot out of it. He never talked my ear off about the process. He also always acknowledged the fact that the game has changed a lot since he played. In a sense, I'm kind of doing this on my own to."

On if his dad ever gets a chance to see him: "He gets to watch a lot of the games in the studio in L.A. At least that's what he says. He gives me just the advice any other Dad would give. He knows I got a multitude of coaches and resources at my disposal here in St. Louis. We more just talk like any father, son."

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