Ricky Looking Forward to Toronto Trip

Going to Toronto this weekend will represent a new experience for most Dolphins players. But for Ricky Williams, Sunday's game will mark a return to a city where he recently spent one season. It was an experience that Williams thoroughly enjoyed, to the extent that he later said he wouldn't mind living in Toronto at some point.

Williams continues to decline requests to speak to the South Florida media during the week, but he addressed his return to Toronto Wednesday in a conference call with Buffalo reporters.

He had nothing but positive things to say about Toronto and his one season in the Canadian Football League.

"I'm looking forward to it," Williams said. "I really enjoyed my time there and it will be nice to meet up with some old friends."

Williams played in Toronto during the 2006 season while he was serving a one-year NFL suspension. The CFL has since changed its rules and no longer accepts players in the midst of an NFL suspension.

During his one season in the CFL, Williams rushed for 562 yards and two touchdowns while sharing ball-carrying duties with former Dolphins first-round pick John Avery. Williams also missed some games during the season that year because of a broken arm.

"I think I was very fortunate to play for (former coach) Pinball (Clemons)," Williams said. "Every day we came to work it was fun and exciting. I think the biggest thing — not the shorter work day, but the fact that it seemed like everyone was having fun. Win, lose or draw, we worked hard but we had a good time and we really liked each other. For me, it was a different experience and I really enjoyed that."

Williams so enjoyed his time in Toronto that he seemed like a different person once he returned to the Dolphins last season.

He recently had dinner with Argonauts co-owner David Cynamon in South Florida, and says he tries to keep in touch with some of the Argos' staff members.

Williams told Buffalo reporters on Wednesday he could see himself returning to Toronto in some capacity down the line, whether it be as a player or a coach or something else.

"If I had the opportunity and it worked well for my family and myself I would definitely jump at the opportunity," Williams said. "David and I, we joked about it when he was down here a couple of weeks ago."

Not surprisingly, this game is one Williams has been looking forward to. Also not surprisingly, he's been asked by his teammates about what to expect in a different country.

"Yeah, it comes up a lot," Williams said. "Even before this week guys are curious about what it's like. I only have positive things to say because I really had a good time. In general, I just like Canadians. They all seem very nice and honest.

"One thing I talk to people about as far as Canadians vs. Americans, in America I think people sometimes you're frowned at when you try to be an individual and be yourself. From my experience, that's something that's appreciated in Canada. Obviously I'm not going to fit in everywhere I go, so I really enjoyed it up there for that reason."

On Sunday, Williams technically will be the opponent when it comes to Toronto fans since this is a home game for the Bills. But the enigmatic running back doesn't think that's going to affect how he's received by the fans at the Rogers Centre.

"I assume that they'll be happy because there's some kind of connection," he said. "The only team I played for in the CFL has been the Argonauts, so they have no reason to boo me."

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