Opponent Opinions: QB JP Losman

Former first-round JP Losman has been relegated to the role of backup in Buffalo behind new starter Trent Edwards, but it appears he will be the one behind center Sunday when the Dolphins and Bills face each other in Toronto. Bills coach Dick Jauron has said a decision on his quarterback probably won't come until game day, but Losman is preparing himself as though he will be the guy.

Edwards didn't practice on Wednesday because of the groin injury he sustained last Sunday in a 10-3 loss to San Francisco, so Losman could be in line to make his first start of the season on Sunday.

He discussed that possibility and other topics on Wednesday.

On playing against Dolphins LB Joey Porter: "You have to obviously know where he is, know who's blocking him, know what the blocking scheme is, and know when we're hot off of him and when we're not. They have a couple guys there that we're going to pay attention to. They have a pretty good defense, it's not just him, there are a lot of guys involved there. He's been able to have a season like he's having because of players around him as well. The team is pretty good around him and no doubt he's a special player."

On why teams try to isolate Porter: "Maybe some teams think that they can just match up one-on-one, some teams maybe don't think he's that force and think that they can and he proves them wrong week in and week out. We'll find out what our thought is Sunday."

On the mood of the team going into the game: "Everyone knows we have four games left, we need all four. The playoffs basically start now for us. No one's really talking about one game at a time. You always hear this term, ‘one game at a time,' and that's a very true statement and you should definitely live by that and in this case, we need to play this game like there are four on the line, that's how much we need to prepare. It's a little bit more than just one game, so this is our season right now. Everything is on the line for the season. We need this one really, really bad."

On possibly starting the game this week: "It's exciting. From my standpoint, I know when I got to play last week, it was fun. I was having fun out there, having a good time and if I get that chance again, it's going to be a lot of fun. Right now, it's exciting knowing that it's a possibility and we'll find out."

On if he prepares differently knowing that he is going into the game as a starter: "You prepare a lot differently, I think, as much as people would like to say ‘prepare like you're a starter,' that's a term that's loosely thrown around, especially to a guy who's been starting, it's not easy coming to work knowing that you're not getting the reps, you're not practicing, you're not participating. It's hard to feel a part of the team, all of those things. All of a sudden you get thrown back in the fire last week and in an instant, it all snaps back. Guys are looking to you for the answers, you're back in the position that you want to be in. It's very, very fun. It's the greatest job in the world."

On how disappointing it was to not be able to bring the team back: "It's disappointing, of course. Every time you play a game and you lose, we're competitors, so it's no fun from that standpoint. But the part of playing the game, while I was out there, was fun. Everything until the game was over on the last four plays."

On what he thinks is the answer offensively: "There's no magical answer. I think that if there was one particular statement to say, we would have said it already. It's a collection of guys coming together, really preparing hard, really knowing your plays, really studying, knowing when you're hot, knowing what routes to run, knowing when you have this based on what coverage they have. It's the quarterback's job, it's the running back's job, it's all of these players coming together collectively at one point in time. With that said, you can do everything right and the game's still not going to go right, for whatever reason, because the game is called football and the ball bounces funny sometimes. Regardless of what happened last week, we have a shot. Four games and it's right in front of us, it's a great opportunity for us. It'll be a great story if it does happen. If it doesn't happen, we'll go down fighting as hard as anyone's ever done before."

On how much more comfortable he'll feel knowing he may be the starter going into the game: "It should be 100 times better, more comfortable. I should be 100 times better all-around. For everybody, them hearing my voice, cadence, calling the plays, everything. Everything is going to be much, much better, more fluid if a quarterback is able to prepare himself one week, knowing he's the guy."

On if the game in Toronto is a home game: "I guess, yeah. We should have a pretty good home crowd there, I would assume. We‘ve played there once before at a home atmosphere, so it's definitely a home game. We'll find out. I don't know how it's going to be. It might be awkward, it might not be, who knows?"

On if he would rather play Miami outdoors in the cold: "It doesn't really make a difference."

On if his past success against Miami contributes to his wanting to play this week: "I don't know. The ball bounces funny sometimes. They're a completely different team than those teams, we're a completely different team, so I don't really think that way, who you've had success on and who you haven't. I know who I haven't had success on, and that's pretty much all I think about."

On if being a backup has tested his patience: "Yeah, it is a test of patience. Waiting and waiting, trying to be ready, trying to study as hard as possible, knowing you're not going to, the chances are slim to none, but possible. It is tricky, it is hard, but I know right now the possibility is flying out there. I'll probably leave around 7 tonight as opposed to 5:30. Maybe 8.

On if he's thought about what the opportunity could mean for his future career: "Personally, it's a great opportunity for me to get a chance to play and do well for numerous reasons, but I don't really think about it. Right now, we're very close. I want these guys to experience winning, I want to experience winning. We're a very, very good football team and we just have to keep putting it together and we have an opportunity right in front of our face to do so. I personally want to do well for them, for my teammates. Collectively, that's the closest thing to your family. Succeeding, it'll be fun."

On feeling that if the team comes together, the individual performance will fall in: "I told you guys that last weekend. All of that stuff is going to work out in longevity anyways, so I'm not really focusing on that. I'm really just focusing on this team and this opportunity that we have together right now. I need them much more than they need me right now, that's how I think, and so I'm going to need their help quite a bit when it comes time to play a game, if that opportunity comes."

On if it's poetic that he could be the one to save the season: "You could write all of these stories up, and that's a great word you used, I'm not going to repeat it, but it's a great word to use, I guess. If that does happen, it would be weird. The ball bounces funny in this game. It could come back that way, it could not. We'll find out."

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