Pennington Discusses Victory

Chad Pennington had another stellar performance in Sunday's 16-3 victory over Buffalo in Toronto. Pennington saved his best for last, as he completed all 11 of his pass attempts in the second half. Here's what he had to say after the game.

On what he liked best besides the win: "I think we finally played a complimentary football game offensively, defensively, and special teams. Offensively we put some really good drives together. We didn't turn the ball over when we were backed up, we were able to change the field position again and not kick from being backed up. The defense stepped up. They had a huge play in the end zone with the interception when they did have their backs up against the wall. And the special teams, they didn't allow these guys to get loose on us and create a big play."

On the offensive line: "Our offensive line came to play today and they set the tone with the running game. They were able to create some holes for our running backs and the running backs hit the hole at the right time with their footwork. And it goes back to how we work in practice. That's what our Wednesday practice with that run game is extremely important, and we put a lot of emphasis on that and the guys did a really good job."

On the Anthony Fasano touchdown: "We had moved into the red zone and had our two tight running package in and Anthony did a really great job of selling the out route and then he went back to the post and did a great job being patient and not being too quick and just tried to keep the safety away. And there was a nice little seam in there and little pocket to throw the ball in."

On how the offense energizes off of the defense: "Offensively the first half, I think, we kept the ball, kept the defense off the field. They only had to play 19 plays I believe is what some of the guys were saying. And then in the second half they did a great job of keeping the Bills out of the end zone, so we played really good complimentary football. But when the defense keeps an opponent out of the end zone, that's unbelievable because that's really hard to do in this league."

On being on top of the AFC East Division: "It's a step, but we've got to concentrate on (victory) number 9. We're getting ready to play a San Francisco team that is extremely hot and has won two big time games in a row in the AFC East and they've done an extremely good job. Coach [Mike] Singletary's got those guys playing extremely hard really well and that's the biggest game of the year for us next game."

On how it felt playing in a neutral site and in Rogers Centre: "We were excited to come here and play. The biggest thing we're excited about was playing in the dome and not outside. But it's a good atmosphere. I think when the fans sung the Canadian national anthem that was a special moment when you could really feel the electricity. It was a really good time."

On WR Davone Bess being a No. 1 receiver last two weeks: "He's quarterback-friendly. He understands how to get open, understands how to run routes and work defenders and is really patient. There's a lot to be said to be quarterback friendly. A lot of people don't understand what that means or how important that is to a quarterback and he does a great job of understanding angles and getting open in the spots."

On being able to go out and dominate today: "Offensively we like to have more points, no doubt about that. We let a touchdown get away from us in the first half. We like to have more points but to be able to play the type of game we did and not turn the ball over and understand how to win a game and not lose a game. Especially in this type of atmosphere when you're playing an AFC East division opponent on the road you can lose a game really quickly and our offensive did a really good job of understanding how not to do that."

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