Here's a breakdown of how every unit on the Dolphins performed during the 23-17 victory over the Oakland Raiders.

QUARTERBACKS — The best way to sum up Jay Fiedler's performance against the Raiders is to say he was efficient. He threw deep a few times and wasn't always accurate on those throws, but he did a good job on the short and intermediate stuff. He also did a great job of avoiding a big sack in the fourth quarter when he spun away from Bill Romanowski and completed a pass to Ricky Williams. Grade: B

RUNNING BACKS — Ricky Williams didn't have a monster game the way he did the previous two weeks, but he still managed to finish with 101 yards on 27 carries. Travis Minor carried twice in the first half when the Dolphins had a first-and-goal from the 10 and got into the end zone. Williams also did a good job in the passing game, but the grade here goes down because of a Williams fumble that set up a Raiders field goal (even though replays showed it wasn't a fumble). Grade: C+

RECEIVERS — Chris Chambers had a monster game, with seven catches for a career-high 138 yards and Cris Carter made a great catch in the end zone on his touchdown. There were no obvious drops by the receivers, and Chambers was huge. Grade: A-

OFFENSIVE LINE — The Dolphins had problems with the Raiders defensive line at times, particularly with DT Sam Adams. Fiedler was pressured at times and got sacked three times. Mark Dixon gave up a sack and was called for false start on the same drive. But the Dolphins wound up with 334 total yards, so it wasn't all bad.

DEFENSIVE LINE — The Dolphins sacked Rich Gannon five times, including three by Jason Taylor. Adewale Ogunleye and Jay Williams had the other two sacks. But Gannon also had a lot of time to pass on other occasions, and Tyrone Wheatley averaged 8.3 yards on his four carries. But when you hold the Raiders to 17 points and 218 total net yards, you can't get overly picky. Grade: B+

LINEBACKERS — Zach Thomas led the Dolphins with nine tackles, but the truth is none of the Dolphins linebackers were major factors in the victory. Morlon Greenwood barely played because of Oakland's constant use of three wideouts, while Derrick Rodgers finished with one assisted tackle. Grade: C

DEFENSIVE BACKS — This probably is where the Dolphins won the game. Simply put, the coverage was outstanding. And the interception by Patrick Surtain to win the game was the icing on the cake for the secondary. The tackling by the defensive backs was secure all day and there were many instances when Gannon had a lot of time to throw but couldn't find anybody open. A tremendous job by this group. Grade: A

SPECIAL TEAMS — Aside from Travis Minor's big 41-yard kickoff return, the special teams were not having a good day until Ed Perry recovered Tim Brown's fumble in the fourth quarter. The Dolphins allowed Raiders kickoff returner Marcus Knight to average 25.8 yards per return, Robert Baker made a horrendous decision when he caught a punt inside the Dolphins end zone, while Olindo Mare missed a field goal. Grade: C

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